Home Entertainment Paulina Dávila is supporting Juan Pablo Medina after the thrombosis

Paulina Dávila is supporting Juan Pablo Medina after the thrombosis

Paulina Dávila

The actress of “Luis Miguel” the series, has a relationship with the actor, who is still hospitalized because of a nerve thrombosis.

MEXICO CITY.— After confirming that Juan Pablo Medina is still in the hospital because of a venous thrombosis who was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago, her public relations officer and her public relations agency indicated that due to the complicated picture that the actor faced only wants to be with his family and closest people like Paulina Dávila, his girlfriend.

Who, according to the report by Mariana Zepeda, the informant of the “De Primera Mano” program assured that Paulina meets Juan Pablo since he was admitted last July to the Angeles del Pedregal Hospital, the same where the actor’s father works, who is a doctor and is in charge of his son’s case.

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A relationship of months

Paulina Dávila, who was the actress who played ‘Mariana Yazbek’ in the first season of Luis Miguel the series, maintains a sentimental relationship with the actor who unfortunately had to amputate his leg to save his life.

However, the relationship between Juan Pablo Medina and Paulina could be considered as recent, since it was barely en December 2020 that the couple made his romance public, although the rumors that they were together began in October, when they were caught together, in various places and days.

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Who is Paulina Dávila?

She is a Colombian actress who studied Visual Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá. Paulina Davila He has participated in several Colombian and Mexican productions, the most recent of which was “Liveforever”, by director Carlos Moreno.

In 2018, she received a great opportunity by participating in “Luis Miguel: the series” in the role of ‘Mariana Yazbek’. But his most recent project in movies is the movie “After you.”

Notably Juan Pablo Medina was married with the artist Jimena carranza, with whom he maintained a relationship for several years and which he evidenced on his Instagram.

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