Home Entertainment Paul Stanley injected testosterone in full live broadcast (video)

Paul Stanley injected testosterone in full live broadcast (video)

Paul Stanley se inyecta testosterona

The son of the late Paco Stanley underwent the painful procedure precisely for this reason.

MEXICO CITY – Paul Stanley He surprised viewers and internet users after becoming one painful procedure esthetic.

The son of the famous conductor and late comedian Paco Stanley unleashed comments of all kinds when the young man decided to retire the services of Dr. Esmeralda Bastidas looks rejuvenated although the TV presenter only 36 years old.

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Why did Paul Stanley inject testosterone?

It was on the broadcast of the show “Hoy” that Paul Stanley He decided Inject testosterone to improve your physical appearance and look more manly.

Through a Video, You can see the moment, though Paul After the anesthesia it was injected a testosterone chip in the middle of the morning broadcast.

Paul Stanley Injected Testosterone In Full Live Broadcast (Video) - Light Home News
Paul tried to cope with the awkward moment, but it was almost impossible (screenshot)

On the clip you can also hear the doctor explain that this procedure that Paul Stanley performed was performed will prevent aging and it will help you increase your energy levels and your sex drive.

We’re going to use a testosterone chip… In his case, it will help him improve energy … Testosterone will help us have more energy, improve muscle mass, improve energy, improve sexual appetite; it improves the skin and its physical and mental vitality, “explains the specialist.

The doctor concluded by stating that Paul could have injections this kind every six months, in case you want to continue the treatment for more vitality.

However, it is Gestures of pain what showed Stanley could predict that the comedian, who may choose a different method or alternative, will always look and have young vitality.

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