Home Entertainment Paul McCartney rejuvenates decades in his amazing new music video

Paul McCartney rejuvenates decades in his amazing new music video

Paul McCartney rejuvenates decades in his amazing new music video

First Paul mccartney Turning 79 on June 18, a review of the activity that Beetle had developed during his 78 years showed that if the pandemic had any effect on him, it was to activate his talents, which he possesses and many more. , even more than usual, which is not small.

Two new albums, two books, streaming, a documentary… as if you can really defy the passage of time, Mecca does not stop projects from starting and completing them. And apparently, he seems ready to move on by the eve of his 80s.

At least such version of the video clip released find my way included in his album McCartney III, in which the composer reworked McCartney’s songs with guests such as Damon Albarn, Anderson. Pak, Josh Homme, and St. Vincent.

Paul Mccartney Rejuvenates Decades In His Amazing New Music Video - Light Home News

in this matter, it was Beck who held his hand In the creation of the musician, taking it to a terrain that combines elements of funk with a touch of the most psychedelic talking heads. For Nothing was the plan described as “a terrible transformation” (UPROXX) and an “amazing mashup” (AV Club) that “sounds more like a Sugarhill Gang track than the original song” (Rolling Stone).

Technology in the Service of Music

But as if the song’s sonic upgrade wasn’t enough, McCartney was commissioned to make the music video. find my way ‘#ThreeImagined’ for Hyperreal Digital, a company that specializes in creating hyper-realistic digital avatars. ultimately responsible for show the musician several dozen years youngerIn his busy performance.

Hyperreal CEO Remington Scott said, “The technology to age talents and make them perform in such a creative environment has now been fully implemented for even the most recognizable faces in the world.” is one of them.”

Directed by Andrew Donohoe (Janelle Monáe, The Strokes, Khalid) and Choreographed by Phil Tyag (Bruno Mars, JabbaVockies), Find My Way (feat. Beck) It was unveiled to the world on this Thursday, July 22, via a world premiere on MTV Live, the worldwide network of MTVU and MTV channels, as well as on ViacomCBS’s Times Square Billboard in New York.

Following its digital launch in April, McCartney III conceived created the new York Times Says, “Don’t take Paul McCartney’s enduring gifts lightly: natural melody, succinctly stunning lyrics, clever chord progressions, verbatim arrangements. Other songwriters don’t.”

360 °. conceived a record in

The challenge the musician has just embarked on with this new approach is especially fascinating given how inspiring to see this 79-year-old reflect on New challenges with the impetus that an artist just finding their way will make it – or not. Clearly, for Paul, there is always something new to discover.

Personally curated by Paul, the album features an eclectic lineup of music stars who add their mark to each version and reenact their favorite moments from the acclaimed album. McCartney III In Paul’s own signature styles.

The result, said the press release, which responds honestly to the matter as to what the reality is, “is A Kaleidoscope Reinterpretation, which serves as an extension of McCartney III, while standing alone as a spectacular and bold milestone in McCartney’s discography.”

It’s worth the experience to examine, subject by topic, how they were “reinvented” and the profile that each banquet guest gave to their portion of the menu. how much travel McCartney III whole original, then Imagination, or vice versa. Bah, it doesn’t matter, Mecca is always worth listening to.

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