Home Entertainment Paty Navidad speaks after having COVID-19; insist on not getting vaccinated

Paty Navidad speaks after having COVID-19; insist on not getting vaccinated

Paty Navidad, from not believing in the virus to being hospitalized for COVID-19

Regardless of having been hospitalized after having COVID-19, the well-known actress Paty Navidad, who has been within the limelight for speaking in regards to the illness and criticizing vaccines, spoke once more after being recovered.

Shocked and depressed the actress spoke on the present “To the intense“, the place she assured that she solely felt dangerous and had low oxygenation, because of this she was hospitalized, however she was by no means intubated.

“I did not die, gentlemen. I am truly sorry, all those who wanted me to die. I love life, I enjoy life and I consider that I do not harm anyone.”

I arrived at the hospital due to oxygenation problems. The diagnosis was pneumonia. But sincerely I never felt pneumonia. I did feel mild oxygenation problems; I never had a fever, I never had trouble breathing nI was, as was also said, intubated because I didn’t allow it, because if I had, maybe I wouldn’t be here today, “stated the actress.

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Nevertheless, he reaffirmed his place on the COVID-19Though he doesn’t deny his existence, he does much less, regardless of having fallen sick.

“It has been said that I have said many things that I have not said. The first: I have never said that the coronavirus does not existOn the contrary, I have said that there has been all life, viruses, bacteria, parasites and what is more, we have to live with it because the immune system is strengthened. I’ve never said it doesn’t exist. “

As well as, he stays in his determination to not get vaccinated, though he additionally assured that he has by no means advised individuals to not do it, as a result of it’s his personal determination.

“It has been said that I say do not get vaccinated, that is another lie. I, Patricia Navidad, do not get vaccinated because it is my right to choose to vaccinate to not vaccinate. The same right that those who choose to be vaccinated have, those of us who choose not to be vaccinated have. That people take responsibility, as I do, for my decisions and the consequences. “

Paty Navidad assured that not dangerous of your psychological schools as many guarantee, if not that she merely thinks in another way and that’s the reason they assault her.

“What individuals need is to see you defeated, to see you badly. Hatred is eradicated with love, then individuals venture all that they create, that ache, disappointment or worry.

“In the end my madness is healthy, my madness does not hurt … Thinking differently shouldn’t limit me to not have the right to speak or to think, they are my rights’

Reference from PrimeraFila – La Noticia