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Paty Navidad clarifies that hers was ‘pneumonia’ and why she was not intubated

Paty Navidad recovers from Covid-19 at home

Paty Navidad reappeared on tv in this system “Al Extremo”, wherein she shared the small print of her hospitalization “due to pneumonia”, as specified, thereby denying that she was identified with Covid-19.

In short fragments of the interview, which circulated and made the title of the actress a development on social networks, Paty Navidad clarified that:

“At no time have I mentioned that the coronavirus doesn’t exist. Quite the opposite, I’ve mentioned that the coronavirus has existed all our life, viruses, micro organism, parasites and extra… what’s extra, now we have to stay with them ”, he identified for the cameras of this system.

In his opinion, folks should stay with such a particles that generate ailments, in order that the immune system can generate defenses.

Relating to all the pieces that was mentioned about her hospitalization, she clarified that within the medical report it seems that she was identified with pneumonia and confirmed that when she arrived on the hospital with low oxygenation, they really useful intubation:

“Once I arrived they mentioned: ‘She may be very severe, now we have to intubate her’, however I mentioned: ‘No, but when I seize the sock and get out proper now. You aren’t going to intubate me ‘(…) And I say this as a result of there are a lot of circumstances wherein individuals are intubated arriving at a hospital with out first checking, checking and all the pieces and there are occasions when it’s not obligatory.

Think about that, had she been intubated, “I would not be telling you.” As well as, he denied that he had been on the verge of dying or that in some unspecified time in the future the signs of Covid, similar to fever and cough, developed, though he did have respiration issues that he thought of “normal.”

Paty Navidad, as will probably be remembered, is without doubt one of the contagions that occurred through the recordings of “MasterChef Celebrity”