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Paty Manterola rules out being in another meeting with Garibaldi and denies fighting with teammates

The controversy between Paty Manterola and her colleagues from Garibaldi began a few months ago when the group appeared on the 90’s Pop Tour and the members mentioned that Manterola had had an unfriendly attitude towards them. After this, the singer has given several statements, the most recent for Windowing.

In an interview with the show program, Patricia Manterola explained that she has no conflict with his fellow Garibaldi.

“For a conflict to exist, two parties are needed, and there are none. There are more differences of opinion than anything else, in how we saw the project because at the beginning there was no project, they invited us, and it was something very nice and I enjoyed it very much”.

The singer pointed out that she made the decision to for now not to appear at any event with Garibaldi.

“In fact, I enjoy being with them on stage, right now I don’t have to be, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lawsuit.”

Paty Manterola commented that the reason why she will not be in another Garibaldi show is because she has matters to attend to with his family and not because of some fight with his peers.

“I will always have the will, if you allow me too, because I have a private life, because I am a mother of three children, with my husband. So I divide myself between my private life, which is my priority, and if everything is combined and lends itself, things will flow.”

Finally, she talked about the comment that Charly López made about her a few days ago, who accused her of having a bloody attitude when they appeared on the 90’s Pop Tour.

“Charly so cute, he asked me for an apology because he tells me: ‘Paty I got hot and said things that maybe I shouldn’t have and I want to ask you for a private apology’ and I told Charly: ‘Nothing happens’. It has really gotten bigger than it is.”


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