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Paty Manterola assures that the Garibaldis decided not to be part of the reunion

Begining of June, Charlie Lopez qualified to Patty Manterola of “believed” and “bleeding” for being defensive cuando was invited to be part of the Garibaldi’s return in the 90’s Pop Tour, a situation that sparked the rumor that the singer would no longer be part of the group. After what happened, the famous reappeared and defended himself from criticism of his former partner.

In an interview for the show Today, Patty Manterola He denied the accusations of Charly López, who assured that the actress was dissatisfied with the environment in which the Garibaldi shows were held, a band to which they also belong. Sergio Mayer, Luisa Fernanda, Agustin Arana Y Katya Llanos.

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I understand that the Garibaldis decided otherwise, that I no longer bebut I’m happy, I’m there when they call me for the 90’s Pop Tour, happy with life,” said Paty Manterola.

The singer, who will release a new musical single in collaboration with Raymix, preferred to reserve more opinions about the situation out of respect for her colleagues.

“People who talk about others feel like they are talking about themselves, so I will never talk about any of my former teammates because I respect them and I respect them very much. If that’s what he said, go ask him.“.

What did Charly López say about Paty Manterola

It was in an interview for First hand where Charly López indicated that Paty Manterola had set some conditions for her return with Garibaldi.

“Speaking honestly, and you know that I am very forthright, she had agreed with her husband and children not to work in places with alcohol. The five remaining Garibaldis said: ‘Well, we’ll remove it from this, we’ll open it from this’, because we can’t judge if it’s right or wrong.Charlie commented.

However, according to Charly López’s position, Manterola’s attitude was not positive, since he was on the defensive: “From my point of view, very personal, (he is) like cool, but on the defensive, believed, like sangronsona , heavy… and she is my sister, we have fought very hard, but this time it was like: ‘We are already mature, we are going to take this maturely’. You want to do it, we do; you don’t want to, we can’t force people either”, reported the former Garibaldi.


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