Home Entertainment Patti Smith, Carlos Santana and the Assassins attend megaconcert in New York

Patti Smith, Carlos Santana and the Assassins attend megaconcert in New York

Patti Smith, Carlos Santana and the Assassins attend megaconcert in New York

musical figures such as Patti Smithhandjob Carlos Santana and group killers They will join the mega-concert with which New York City plans to reopen next August after the pandemic hit hard.

“This is going to be a historic and memorable moment for all New Yorkers and all Americans,” city Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a presentation on Tuesday. “It is a celebration of our city, of every working family that has faced and overcame incredible challenges in the last one year,” he said.

The concert, which will take place next Saturday, August 21, with free tickets available starting next Monday, is being hosted by renowned music producers Clive Davis and Bruce Springsteen, in addition to Paul Simon and Jennifer Hudson, who already have participation. . Announced earlier this month, 60,000 viewers will also get to see the performance of a long list of figures.

Jorge Santana Began Playing In San Francisco In The Malibus Band.  And It Will Not Disappear At The Megaconcert.  Facebook Photo

Jorge Santana began playing in San Francisco in The Malibus Band. And it will not disappear at the megaconcert. facebook photo

Patti Smith, Carlos Santana and The Killers will take the stage with Andrea Bocelli, Kane Brown, LL Cool J, Elvis Costello, Earth, Wind & Fire, Wycliffe Jean, Journey, Polo G, Barry Manilow and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. As well as comedians and presenters such as Jimmy Fallon, Gayle King and Don Lemon.

event, title We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert (We Love New York: Homecoming Concert), will be about three hours long and take place in Central Park, but only vaccinated people will be able to participate, so the use of masks won’t be required.

Bruce Springsteen Ready To Play.  Mayor De Blasio Said The Concert Would Be One Of The Largest In Central Park.  Ap Photo

Bruce Springsteen ready to play. Mayor de Blasio said the concert would be one of the largest in Central Park. ap photo

Although 80% of tickets are free, Davis, who simultaneously organizes the event live nation, a veteran of live and direct shows, also decided to make some sales. VIP ticket.

in central park

Notably, the venue chosen for the mega-concert is the large meadow in the heart of Central Park, the scene of historic displays of figures such as Elton John (1980) and Luciano Pavarotti (1993). During the past few years, that area served for various editions of the global civic festival, which featured stars such as Beyoncé, Metallica, Neil Young and Coldplay.

Patti Smith, At Luna Park In November 2019.  He Would Duet With Springsteen.  Photo Martin Bonetto

Patti Smith, at Luna Park in November 2019. He would duet with Springsteen. photo martin bonetto

Having been one of the areas most affected by hard COVID-19, New York is accelerating its reopening and is trying to revitalize the local economy and tourism, which is one of its great sources of income. Although the Big Apple has already lifted most restrictions on leisure and hospitality, it has not faced any such incidents so far.

Crowded old-fashioned restaurants and busy parks and city streets, you see, were a boost for the promoters of this mega-concert, which would come in the form of a new postcard of something that was lost more than a year and a half ago Was. Concert on 21st August CNN. will be broadcast worldwide and will also include demonstrations and it is expected that Patti Smith will duet with Springsteen.

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