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Patti LaBelle Playing Cedric the Entertainer’s Mom on ‘The Neighborhood’ (Exclusive)

Patti LaBelle Playing Cedric the Entertainer's Mom on 'The Neighborhood' (Exclusive)

'The Neighborhood' airs Mondays on CBS.

Patti LaBelle Is Getting Involved neighborhood, The 77-year-old singer appears as a special guest on Monday’s episode of the hit CBS comedy, and she plays the mother of all roles — Marilyn, Calvin (Cedric the Entertainer) Fantastic Mom!

The legendary singer opened up about her appearance to ET’s Nischelle Turner, explaining that fans will learn that Marilyn and Calvin have a lot in common.

“I’m his mother and I’m just as mean as him,” LaBelle reveals, after Calvin’s family and friends quickly realize that the mother-son duo is a similar thing. “And working with Cedric – we’ve always wanted to do this but a few years ago things happened that we couldn’t and now that I’m here, I’m having a lot of fun! I’m cracking jokes on him, darling, I’ll have to come back.”

LaBelle had nothing but good things to share about her experience working with Cedric — who is also an executive producer on the series — Tichina Arnold, Max Greenfield and Beth Behrs. “I am so happy to be in this cast, they are all awesome and easy to work with and everyone is great,” she said. “I’ve done a few things that day where we do something like [and] It’s not always that easy and so much fun, and it’s a whole lot of fun.”


When ET spoke to neighbourhood Cast on the PaleyFest LA carpet last month, she echoed the singer’s sentiments, saying how great it was to set her up.

“She’s so beautiful,” shared Cedric, recalling how kind the singer was on set. “She cares a lot about it so she wanted to fix it, and of course, when someone’s coming in to do a sitcom, they want to be funny. So we worked with her and made her understand that. It’s all about character, you don’t need anything big, [just] Find that character, be that woman. then she really started to grow [and] He was having a lot of fun doing this. She’ll start freestyle! Like, well, Patti LaBelle with improv!”

Behrs admitted that she was “shaken” when she met the singing icon and would bring her cookies on set as a treat. “I was too intimidated to bake her own cookies and bring them to her because I was like, ‘You probably better do this.’ But he signed my cookbooks for me,” she recalled. “She talked about the emotional part of baking and how much she loves baking with her grandchildren and how the kitchen is like the center of her home. It touched my heart, like I love that.”

Behrs and Cedric lament that due to COVID protocols, LaBelle couldn’t cook any of her famous dishes for the cast and crew, but they got a taste of her vocal skills.

“We worked on that, she got ‘Lady Marmalade’ [at] The end,” Cedric jokingly revealed that he helped out by singing Lil Kim’s rap.

neighborhood Airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. For more, see below.

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