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Pati Chapoy: What is the degree of studies of the entertainment journalist?

Pati Chapoy She is the most important entertainment journalist in our country and a reference in the matter for Latin America, the above as a consequence of her wide trajectory.

In addition, it boasts as one of the most recognized and beloved television hosts by the public, because after more than 26 years at the head of the broadcast ‘window’has won the affection of viewers.

Though their work involves criticism and opinion of show business, her private life in most cases remains as such, making her a enigmatic character whose personal events cause intrigue.

Pati Chapoy, one of the key pieces in the history of TV Azteca

After his departure from Televisa and after collaborating with the most influential television personality of the last century, Raúl Velasco, Pati came to the newborn company TV Aztecaheaded by Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

In this new television station it achieved great power, positioning itself as a key part for its operationthat is why it is interesting to know what degree of education someone who has been part of the 300 leaders of Mexico has on multiple occasions.

Patricia Chapoy Acevedo born June 19, 1949 in Mexico City and settled in Cuernavaca, Morelos. During his childhood, he constantly moved with his parents until he settled permanently in the capital.

What degree of studies does Pati Chapoy have?

Pati Chapoy is degree in journalism from the Carlos Septién García Schoolthe first consecrated for the teaching of this profession.

While studying, Chapoy began his working life in an economists office belonging to her first cousins, where she worked as an “office boy”, that is, she was in charge of delivering documentation between offices, waiting for stamps, making bank payments, etc.

According to Pati Chapoy, the reason she chose journalism as her career was the thirst for knowledge that provoked multiple issues.

I really wanted to know everythingthe only career that allowed me to know as much as I wanted was journalism”

Upon graduation, he began to collaborate with the decoration magazine ‘Design’; also worked with ‘Content’, ‘Vanities’ and the newspaper ‘news’. Finally, she met Raúl Velasco, which meant his entry to Televisa.


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