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Pati Chapoy in peril? Obtained bodily assault threats

Pati Chapy en el programa Ventaneando

Is Pati Chapy in peril? Who threatened the primary host of “Ventanenando”?

Pati Chapy taken critically Bodily assault warnings via social networks. A Twitter person threatened the moderator of the present program very critically Windowing.

What’s the motive for this intimidation? Pati commented on Thursday October sixth by the impolite demeanor of actress Maite Perroni, who refused to talk to TV Azteca journalists.

What occurred between Pati Chapoy and Maite Perroni?

Whereas the Windowing, Linet Puente, one of many reporters on the enduring Ajusco program, identified Maite Perroni snubs the manufacturing of the present program.

All of this occurred through the pink carpet for the previous Platino Awards for Ibero-American cinema, the place the exRBD did not wish to converse to reporters of Mexican tv.

The one despatched to the awards, Linet Puente, stated within the night that he observed a smug demeanor on the a part of the cleaning soap opera protagonist What Watch out with the angel and Little piece of heavenwho refused to talk to a number of broadcasters.

How did Pati Chapoy react to Maite’s snub?

“Notice that you said who you wanted to interview on the red carpet and suddenly they said to me: ‘Maite Perroni is coming, do you want her?’ I, ‘of course I want to interview you’“.

“Come on in – Maite Perroni – and I see completely how she says ‘no’ they usually inform me.no he would not wish to interview for Aztec tv“And it happened”, stated Linet.

With &Quot;Dark Desire&Quot; The Actress Positioned Herself Worldwide On The Netflix Platform (Photo; Efe)With “Dark Desire” Maite Perroni positioned itself on the Netflix platform worldwide. – Photograph by EFE

Earlier than the contempt of Maite, Pati Chapoy’s response was quick and cataloged the additionally fashionable bachata singer as a “ma …” individual, so bloody and cussed.

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Pati Chapoy qualifies Maite Perroni as Ma …

“Oh, what the heck …”repeated Pati Chapoy. “But here we defended her from all the slander she was told – because of the controversy with Andrés Tovar and Claudia Martín -” commented Pedrito Sola.

Pati confirmed that Maite has to help a undertaking sooner or later: “It is already being offered to you. It is offered to you, it is offered to you“Added the controversial host.

Threats from a Maite Perroni fan

After qualifying from Pati to Maite, the official report from Windowing he shared the on Twitter Threats that an alleged fan of the exRBD let him attain the proprietor of this system.

The person @ HugoLovato_13 wrote the warnings in his account towards Pati Chapoy.

“More ma … it’s you, Pin … Viper cu … Chapoy Pati, If I find you one day I’ll break your whole face, no matter that you’re already an old woman, just like that, I’ll go crazy …“.

One such aggressive remark was taken up by this system report, which quoted the textual content and added: “I think Maite Perroni has fans with a strong emotional imbalance.”

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