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Pati Chapoy Describes what the time was like when they tried to put her in jail (video)

Pati Chapoy revela cuando la intentaron meter a la cárcel

MEXICO CITY – Pati-Chapoy He kept his promise and was interviewed by the disrespectful Youtuber the Golden scorpion.

Although many did not believe that Alex Montiel, who plays the “fighter”, would manage to get the legendary Entertainment journalist encouraged to participate in one of his videos, the influencer showed that the leader of “Ventaneando” is more ruthless than many believed.

As usual, through the conversation they had Pati eventually revealed several “secrets” This left the Youtuber shocked, who thanked the journalist for accepting the invitation.

Pati Chapoy, creator of “la crestomatia”?

During the lecture of the Golden scorpion and the popular entertainment host asked Youtuber Pati Chapoy about a “curious fact, a myth” that claims she was the creator of “Crestomatia”. The driver replies: “The law has indeed been changed.”

According to Pati, the wrestler asks her to explain to people what it is and why “she (indirectly) invented it”.

This is how Pati Chapoy makes it clear no, she made it up Instead, he made it known, stating that Crestomatía has always existed and that the law states that “you can use up to a minute of the video or film or play to comment or comment on journalistic criticism” .

Pati Chapoy Describes What The Time Was Like When They Tried To Put Her In Jail (Video) - Light Home News
The journalist explained why she is considered the creator of “crestomatia” in Mexico (screenshot)

After this detailed explanation, the TV host points out that the “tantrum” from someone from Televisa almost cost her freedom because she was about to go to jail.

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Pati admits they tried to put me in jail

Pati Chapoy commented on that Videoor posted on YouTube that They tried to put her in jail if a supposedly exclusive material is used of competition (television). The company assured that it took the driver more time than allowed, but the journalist confirmed that this was a lie, assuring that she is “very careful” with the time allotted for the journey Crestomacy.

“Instead of setting the minute that the law allowed me to, I set 45 seconds, there was no way,” said Pati of the allegations Televisa made against him and which almost cost him his freedom.

Pati repeated that the “deceased today” (Alberto Ciurana) had an “enormous tantrum” and decided to turn “the Televisa cavalry” against them, the moderator added.

Origin of the rivalry between Paty Chapoy and Alberto Ciurana

The entertainment journalist confirmed that after Ciurana sued them For the use of videos from telenovelas or Televisa programs (a company he worked for at the time) and that Pati criticized them on her show “El Mundo del Espectntación”, the rivalry between the TV manager and her began.

But after this confrontation the rivalry between Pati Chapoy and Alberto Ciurana was much stronger. Although they would work together in 2017 after Ciurana took over the position of Director of Content and Sales at TV Azteca.

Pati revealed that from that moment on, and based on the story they had about their relationship, the rumors that she was leaving “Ventaneando” got stronger and more constant, but they were just “gossip”.

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