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Pati Chapoy declared herself a fan of Paco de Miguel: “I love it, I follow him on Instagram”

Pati Chapoy defended Paco de Miguel from attacks Photo: Instagram/@chapoypati/TV Azteca

the mexican comedian Paco de Miguel starred in one of the moments that will be among the most remembered for posterity within The academybecause during his final broadcast of the reality show he received an unpleasant rudeness from Lolita Cortés before the jokes and sarcastic comments that her character from Miss Letty.

As expected, the rudeness of the iron judge of The Academy 20 years against Paco de Miguel was recorded on social networks, making it a trend by avid fans of the comedian, as well as by his detractors who applauded Lolita Cortés’s rejection of his comedy.

The reaction of the judge The academy gave something to talk about in various spaces of Mexican television and with various personalities of the small screen in Mexico, among the figures who came out to give their point of view is the renowned host of Aztec TVPati Chapoy who declared herself a fan of Paco de Miguel.

It was in the broadcast windowing from last monday where the main staff of drivers shared some of their impressions about the grand final. After demonstrating their disagreement with various issues such as production, leadership and regarding the winner’s decision, another of the moments that stood out was the meeting between Paco de Miguel and Lolita Cortés.

One of the main presenters, Daniel Bisogno attacked the comedian, stating that the television space was great for hime, comment to which Pedro Alone He made him second by saying: “Poor man”.

Given the series of negative comments by the team of drivers of windowingwhen surprisingly the head of the program, Pati Chapoy, rebuked them and showed her support for him, she also showed her liking for the content: “But why poor? I love it, I follow it on Instagram and I love it”, remarked the well-known presenter.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that Daniel Bisogno denoted his dislike for the influencer’s work during his participation as Miss Letty during the delivery of TikTok OMG Awards which took place during the first installment of the grand finale of The academy.

Through his Twitter account, the actor openly expressed his dislike for Paco de Miguel, harshly criticizing his presentation and saying that it was a shame and that what he had done was not comedy.

“That really calls himself a comedian”; “Shameful”; “Is that what the networks give?”; “I have never seen anything worse or a more embarrassing moment than what I just saw that some idiots dare to call comedians“, Ay nanita”, were the five tweets dedicated to the young man.

Daniel Bisogno expressed his disgust at Paco de Miguel's presentation at La Academia (Photo: Twitter)
Daniel Bisogno expressed his disgust at Paco de Miguel’s presentation at La Academia (Photo: Twitter)

On that occasion, some Internet users were launched in favor of the Mexican content creator and criticized the position of the presenter of Aztec TVbecause they reminded him of his character from Lto güera de Limantour.

The character was characterized by extravagant dress, wearing a blonde wig and spoke of romantic or witty topics, but above all, he alluded to the personality of some women, just as Paco de Miguel does now.

As part of a response to Lolita Cortés’ contempt, Paco de Miguel appeared in a tiktok with Alexander Acha and the comedian, again in his role as “teacher” jokingly claimed the director of The academy for the rudeness that the member of the critics panel.


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