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Pati Chapoy and Daniel Bisogno praise Rosalía: “She has a delicious voice”

The presence of the Spanish singer Rosalia in Mexico as part of his world tour mommy has not been indifferent for entertainment communicators, such is the case of Daniel Bisogno and Pati Chapoy.

This week, given the furor caused by the interpreter of the hits with height, Saoko Y badly In Mexico City, drivers of windowing the flattered in the middle of the program.

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First, the owner of the show broadcast commented: “the pleasure that it gave me that finally, and after several years, the crowd of fans arrives at the airport to applaud him”.

“In this well-deserved case, Rosalía is one of the artists who seems to me to have the most talent, at this time I think she is the best, she has a delicious voiceDaniel seconded.

After presenting a video of the Spaniard’s arrival in the country’s capital last week, which resulted in chaos due to the large presence of fans, Bisogno commented: “How fantastic! Killing the fans for the artist who will never turn around to see them.”

“But that is the phenomenon. Do you think they’ll understand, Daniel? Each of the fans who arrived at the airport goes with the idea that Rosalía is going to sit next to her to talk, it is what they are looking for. The fans did not allow her to organize herself so that she could talk about something, it was not possible, “said Chapoy.

Patty then said: “I love that this phenomenon continues to happen in Mexico City with someone as talented as this young lady”.

“He sings spectacularly, he is also going to do an important tour of Mexico, he is going to Guadalajara and Monterrey… It’s a good thing from my point of view”, concluded Daniel Bisogno about the Spanish.


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