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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Pascacio López is linked to the process after Vanessa Bauche’s complaint for sexual abuse

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After vanessa bauch denounced Pascacio Lopez by sexual abuse, this Wednesday the actor was already linked to the process for this alleged crime, as confirmed by the actress through a message on her Instagram account; she points out that he faces the same legal situation as another alleged victim, Sarah Nichols.

This news was released by the program Gossip, of Multimedia:It is said that Pascacio N would have already been linked to the process of abusing different actresses. Let us remember that Sarah Nichols and Vanessa Bauche denounced him for harassment and abuse; Bauche assures that Pascacio would have violated her when they participated in a Netflix series, neighbors war, however, the charges for which he was allegedly linked were for the accusations of Sarah Nichols, “commented the driver Michelle Rubalcava.

Vanessa Bauche ratifies complaint against Pascasio López for sexual abuse

“We must remember that the history of actresses who have been raising their voices against this man have been quite a few: Ivonne Montero, Veronica Toussaint, Sarah Nichols, Vanessa Bauche, who was one of the first to raise her voice and go to denounce. You have to remember that he is a person who is very into cinematography, with a certain power, and that is why he gets to use this power so violently, ”she added.

Later, Vanessa shared a story on Instagram where she confirmed this situation: “Victory! Justice has been done! After more than a year of waiting, my aggressor has been linked to the process for my criminal complaint filed since December 2020 in the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office”.

“Thank you very much for opening the legal path and acting with a gender perspective. It goes for me and for all! #NoVamosASoltarnos #NiUnaMás”, added the actress.

He also thanked “my legal, management and strategy team. To Vime Mx, to my sisters and friends on the road and in struggle, to my family, to Tito Livio (my guardian angel) and to God.”

It highlights that Pascacio was arrested last March in Mexico City and immediately transferred to a prison in Guadalajara, Jalisco. After being linked to the process for the Vanessa case, the actor will have to face a trial where it will be decided whether he is guilty or not.


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