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Paris Hilton shares highlights from Britney Spears’ wedding (EXCLUSIVE)

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Britney Spears’s love for Paris Hilton! Witnessing Spears tying the knot with Sam Asghari was on DJ on June 9 and revealed her favorite part.

“Everything,” Hilton told ET’s Cassie DiLaura on Tuesday at a party for her realtor brother, Baron Hilton, and sister-in-law Tessa’s company, Hilton Group Estates Co.

“Just as she’s walking down the aisle and just seeing the sparkle in her eyes and, you know, more than anyone, she deserves this happy ending and her own freedom. And it represents just that, like “It was such a beautiful, intimate affair and it was unforgettable, and a fairy tale and I was so proud to be there for him,” she shared.

Hilton and Spears’ friendship has certainly stood the test of time, so there was no question of her attending the event.

“Well, I love her so much.” Paris in love Star said. “She’s an angel and I don’t trust a lot of people in this town, but she’s the kind of girl who has always been there for me and has always been so kind and trustworthy and it’s so sweet and never hurt a fly.” Won’t deliver.”

She continued, “Just, like, one of the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life.”

In addition to Hilton, Spears’ wedding was also attended by Madonna, Selena Gomez and Drew Barrymore. When the iconic photo of the women fell, the internet dubbed them “The Avengers”—a name Hilton doesn’t mind.

“It’s so sweet,” she said of the Internet’s reaction. “The number of memes and things people have created are very creative. All these people are online and we’ve all just been loving it and laughing and just thinking how funny it is and it’s really cute. ,

And while Hilton — who recently married Carter Rem — is no longer in the wedding planning stages herself, she is thinking about kids. But when it comes to starting a family, Muggle admits that she and her husband are already there.

“We have so many eggs waiting to be brought into the world,” she shared. “We did this during the pandemic. It was the perfect time, with the world closed and just in time where I didn’t have to travel and be everywhere as usual. I’m so glad we did that and we did it right away. Like we knew right away that we wanted a family.”

He said, “I’m so glad we did it. I think it’s important for women to go out and think about doing it because it’s good to know you have a reserve, so it’s not like, ‘Oh ‘I need to get married’ or ‘I have to because this is the future now and there is so much more available.’ It’s great.”

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