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Paris Hilton appears on a date with Tom Cruise and causes confusion: video

Has Paris Hilton ended her marriage and now she’s popped up on a date with Tom Cruise? We explain how a video created this confusion. Is Zendaya pregnant? This TikTok video sparked controversy

And it so happens that the celebrity, DJ and singer has decided to have fun for a while after releasing a video which appeared to show him on a date with the Top Gun actor. Is Paris Hilton Pregnant? She clears up the rumors herself. In the footage, the actor can be heard saying, “Paris, I don’t want to be late for this premiere, we have to go,” but Paris tells him that he always has to be a little late.

At that moment, Hilton appears in front of a mirror in a nude dress with rhinestones, whereupon Tom tells her: “You look beautiful”. After posing together in front of a mirror, Paris asks, “Do you really think people will believe that?” It then becomes clear that Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise weren’t dating, but that the impersonator was joking of the actor named Miles Fisher. Despite this, some users expressed their confusion with comments such as “Is this the real Tom Cruise or the computer generated one?”.

Fake Tom Cruise goes viral thanks to deepfake on TikTok, see what he did and what he is. In the same video, the alleged Tom Cruise tells Paris that people believe everything, to which she simply replies “the story of my life”. Here we leave you the video that has gone viral since it has more than 8.6 million views. @parishilton I always do my own stunts (always in full glamour) 👸🏼✨💁🏼‍♀️💖 #Sliving #ThatsHot ♬ Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from “Top Gun”) – Berlin

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