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Parchís and the “time traveler” in a concert in Mexico in 1982

A case with no apparent explanation has become a trend in recent days, as a fragment of an old video where presumably a “time traveler” appears.

And it is that in the recording of a presentation of the extinct Spanish group Parcheesi was captured a person allegedly holding a smartphone. This does not sound strange at all today, but if we consider that in 1982, when the children’s band reached glory on the international stages, such devices did not exist, the fact causes suspicion.

It was on the TikTok platform where the user @eybrahamdtx shared a fragment of the clip, taken from the product he launched. Netflix in 2019 Parcheesi: The Documentarywhich tells the story of the children’s band that became a phenomenon 40 years ago.

In the short documentary you can see how a woman accompanied by a girl, holds an object that has all the physical characteristics of a telephone mobile phone, but what is most disconcerting is that the woman seems to focus and direct her gaze to the “screen” of the object, and even the girl next to her also seems to see what could appear on the screen. display Of the device.

the cryptic moment It happened during a presentation of the band made up of Yolanda, Tino, Gemma, David and Óscar in Mexico Cityas part of the program the little hour of Televisareason why the public in the forum where Parchís acted is Mexican.

Despite the fact that at that time it was already possible to get “roll” cameras, the design of the object that the woman is holding in the video does not correspond. “It is known that at that time there were different developer cameras, but obviously their shape and size were very different from those of the time,” commented the tiktoker.

The Parchís documentary reveals the exhausting workload to which the children were subjected (Photo: Screenshot)

“The reaction of the girl next to us is striking, where seems to pay close attention to the object that Mrs.… the funny thing is that it seems that he is taking a photo, but at the same time he turns to see the photo he took, ”said the creator of the video that, a few hours after its publication, reached more than two million views.

It seems completely that what the person in the video is holding is a modern cell phone, even a metal case can be seen, something not feasible for the time the program was recorded.

This unique video could be one more proof of the existence of “time travelers”, according to some users who support the theory with sensible arguments; On the other hand, there are the skeptics who they hope that the enigma will be solved with the power of reason.

With Parchís, the children traveled to various countries, where they were received by hordes of people (Photo: Twitter)
With Parchís, the children traveled to various countries, where they were received by hordes of people (Photo: Twitter)

And it is that at the beginning of the 80s, a time in which the first great era of success of the band responsible for successes such as Hello friends, In the army and Twist of the school, technological development for mobile devices was still scarcealthough products such as “roll” cameras continued to advance.

When was the first smartphone released?

A model Nokia 9000 Communicator It was the first mobile device cataloged as a smartphone, although it did not have a camera but rather acted as an organizer, and it was presented in 1996, 14 years after that presentation of Parchís in Mexico.

Parchís, the children’s phenomenon from Spain to the world

Since its launch, the band achieved a very remarkable success both in its native Spain and in Latin America, in its first period between 1979 and 1985. The little singers caused great fury, and in each of their presentations large masses were gathered who were looking for enjoy the childhood idols that, given their impact, gave rise to the emergence of the Mexican band Timbiriche.


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