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Paopao dives into his darkness with his new EP Diamonds and Thorns

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Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Paopao decided to explore the darkness she experienced in the music industry without denying its beauty and benefits, hence Diamantes y Espinas, her first solo EP.

In the same year, Paola Nicole Marrero Rodríguez released two EPs: Hembrismo, in March, along with La Gabi, ARIA VEGA, Cami Da Baby and Villano Antillano; and Toxic Relationships, in April, along with iZaak. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: Tokisha Performs in Charlotte Any Tickets Still Available? “It’s a very nice thing to work together, but I am one hundred percent. I’m happy that people can see her and say that this is Pao alone what she has to say and contribute to the genre, so it scares me a lot of emotion,” Paopao said in an interview with La Noticia about the release of his solo -EP In terms of evolution, the Latin GRAMMY-winning artist categorizes her style as alternative reggaeton with the fundamental essence of trap.

“My style is more alternative, a bit darker than the genre is used to, it’s the most authentic way of expressing myself,” Paopao elaborates on Diamonds and Thorns. Diamonds and Thorns: An Urban Walk Through the Darkness of Paopao With thousands of social media followers and their spotlight, the lives of music stars may seem perfect, but at least the hardships and mental health issues are closer than it seems to the rest of the population . Unlike the RnB sound of Toxic Relations, Diamonds and Thorns, which consists of seven songs, it’s Paopao’s personal story and in her words “it’s darker and shows the diversity of what a woman can do in this genre”. “At the end of the day, along with all the beauty that this industry has, this industry also has a lot of loneliness, it has a lot of darkness that’s not talked about, and I want to preserve the reality of what the industry is, that’s not all Luxury is, no, everything glitters and that’s where the name Diamantes y Espinas comes from,” reveals Paopao in an interview with La Noticia. Before Paopao burst into the spotlight, she worked in the industry and getting to where she is today has not only cost her faith in herself, but also how to deal with depression and anxiety.

“My mental health is something very important that I struggle with on a daily basis, so the fact of working so hard, not feeling alone, fighting for something that isn’t guaranteed. I have been trying to be where I am now for many years and it has been a struggle. It’s part of life, but mental health is one of the biggest struggles I’ve been through,” Paopao said. You can now listen to the complete Diamantes y Espinas de Paopao EP here.

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