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Paola Rojas confesses that she hesitated to join ‘Netas Divinas’: “forgive me, I can’t”

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Paola Rojas remembered in the program Montse & Joe that since I was a child I wantedtell the media. He studied for a bachelor’s degree in communication Sciences in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and, later, made a Master of Philosophy.

He began his career at a very young age, and is currently part of Divine Net; However, the host confessed that she had many doubts about joining the program.

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Before Paola Rojas told the reasons why she did not want to join the project, Yolanda Andrade She recalled that she was in that program for 11 years and that she had intimate experiences.

“In Netas Divinas, do you get scared or not? What do you say, of course, is this anecdote and suddenly you tell things that are yours and you: ‘as far as I went’, or others,” Andrade said.

Paola Rojas acknowledged that recording the program is complicated due to the personal issues that are discussed. She noted that at first there came a time when she admitted that she couldn’t anymore.

That’s why I hesitated so much to enter, the truth is, in fact at the beginning I said: ‘excuse me, I can’t’. When they offered it to me I couldn’t speak the net”, he mentioned.

Why Paola Rojas was convinced to join ‘Netas Divinas’

Despite the complications that it has caused, the driver indicated that recording it “has been therapeutic” for her, since when they made her the proposal she was going through one of her most difficult moments on a personal level.

“It’s a program that has given me much more than I imagined. I’m telling you that at first I refused, I said: ‘I can’t’ and Raquel was very generous with me and probably told me one of the nicest things someone has ever told me. He has said not only in my career but in my life because when I replied: ‘forgive me, I can’t accept’, I do commit to something, I do it and I do it completely and properly.

And I was not going to accept being on a Netas program when I couldn’t talk about what really happened in my life. I wasn’t ready, I mean, I couldn’t, I hadn’t processed it or worked on it or anything, I told him: ‘forgive me, I can’t’, he said: ‘okay, I understand perfectly’. She was understanding, she was generous and she told me: “I understand perfectly that at this point in your life you cannot, but that profile we are looking for can be covered by Paola Rojas or Paola Rojas, so we are waiting for you,” she said.

The driver, who has been with Netas Divinas for four years, indicated that this conversation was a “beautiful” way to make her feel unique and could not help but accept the commitment.

It has been precisely therapeutic for that, because we have become very close friendsI mean, really friends although we are so different and besides I have been living as my process of many things and as I am healing I go… it has been a space of therapy“, he concluded.


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