Home Entertainment Paola Rojas beats Covid-19 back on her newscast (Photo)

Paola Rojas beats Covid-19 back on her newscast (Photo)

Paola Rojas beats Covid-19 back on her newscast (Photo)

paola rosa, host of the television program “Al Aire con Paola” Returned this Thursday, July 8 After reporting a few weeks ago that he was in quarantine, After testing positive for Covid-19.

“I will not be able to accompany him to ‘Al Aire con Paola’ for a few days. Unfortunately I have covid. I am already isolated and with all the necessary care. Good hugs”, then announced the presenter on Instagram.

Paola Rojas, has already overcome the contagion

This Thursday morning, Paola Rojas appeared on the televisa program This Morning and He said that he has already overcome the disease.

During the last days, Paola didn’t go for the morning news, but she didn’t stop working because, via her social network, was sharing a daily informative summary, a capsule he builds for the Internet, The gesture with which he taught the lesson of professionalism.

18 day quarantine

After 18 days of quarantine, journalist announces he has defeated the virus And he is ready to return to his activities.

“I am excited with you that I have already overcome Covid. Thank you for your loving messages. They were very important to my recovery”Paola Rojas wrote.

She finally hugs her son Leonardo.

In a post with a photo of her reunion with her son leonardo, which prepared a surprise for him: He printed a picture of the two of them and gave it to him, a description that the journalist liked., who shared that lovely moment with her followers on Instagram, where many of her friends applauded her recovery.

Feedback from friends and colleagues

Among the people reacting to this news we saw his colleagues, Odalis Ramirez u Mauricio Mancera who wrote: “That boss! Attitude was always important”.

For her part, the person in charge of the show posted “Al Aire” with Paola: “Yeah! What a pleasure my beautiful find. Welcome back!”.

The hardest thing is not to see your kids

Journalist also got messages from his friends celina del villaro, Gloria Calzada, Jaydy Michel, Chantal Andre u euridia sierra, to mention a few.

During their separation, Paola admitted that one of the most complicated things in this situation was not being with her children. Which he used to miss a lot these days.

not yet reported If you will also participate in the program “Leader’s Day”, quoted mx.hola.com.

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