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Pandora and Flans remember the beginning of their union; “It was hard for us to see each other together”

On the occasion of his next presentation at the Mexico City Arena, Pandora and Flans offered a press conference in which they celebrated their union on stageas well as what this means for all his followers. However, they also provided details on how complicated it was at first and how, little by little, they found a structure that would benefit both groups.

When we started, it was a little difficult for the two groups to see each other together, maybe because of the different genres, but what a surprise when you open your head to explore, to experiment. It is a delight to come to work with the girls, it is like going back to high school”, shared Ilse, from Flans, during the press conference.

Being two representative groups of the eighties, both Flans like Pandora seek to have a suitable space for their music during concertsthat is, out of commitment to the public and to its own trajectory, this project had to find a way to incorporate each group musically and allow them to show off their music and style, while allowing this union to work together.

It is understandable to think that, at some point, the search to find this common space between flans and pandora was able to lead the members to argue over “taking their place.” Despite this, the interpreters revealed that this is not the case, since a collaboration of this style could not work like this.

“The ego does not work for a show like the one we are giving to happen. During the first meetings she did start to show her nose, but then we discovered that, rather, it was to defend the idea of ​​each one, what is fair, what is correct, that is where the ego and good sense begin. The things that are worked with ego do not work”, clarified Fernanda Meade, from Pandora.

Flans and Pandora will arrive at the Mexico City Arena next September 23 with all the strength of his show, as well as the songs that have conquered the public over the years. For them, celebrating their music in this way is the most appropriate process to keep their music and the magic of the eighties current.

“Music is much more powerful than us. We are simply the ones we come to represent these genres, these groups and those times. Today we do it with a lot of honor and a lot of respect”, finished Mimí, from Flans.


  • Both groups confirmed that they will not have extra guests in their presentation at the Mexico City Arena and that they will maintain the show as they have presented it in other cities.
  • This tour, “Unexpected tour”, has already visited different cities in Mexico and will continue to do so during the following months. Tickets are on sale now through Super Tickets.


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