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Palmeira Cruz remembers what it was like to act with ‘El Komander’ and her first steps on TV

Palmeira Cruz It was clear to her that she wanted to pursue acting since she was a child. She organized and prepared her shows that her family attended without fail due to invitations that came under the door. Eventually, that talent that she showed in her childhood, added to her perseverance, opened the doors of the industry for her, now she is part of the cast of the new version of The stepmotherin which he plays betinaa character with whom he identifies because of the background of his story.

The actress, originally from León, Guanajuato, began her journey through the big television stations as a weather presenter on Televisa Bajío. It was the drive from her that she needed to get back on her path for what she loves most doing: being in front of the screen.

In 2011 he did a casting in The academywhere she met Magda Rodríguez, who was decisive in fulfilling her dreams and motivated her to move to Mexico City, where she has lived for around 12 years.

“I know Magda, rest in peace. She gives me the opportunity and tells me: ‘A saint who is not seen is not revered, you are very pretty and talented, but you are in León and there, when you decide to come, look for me.’ He did not enter I went to La Academia, I went back to León and I told my mom: ‘Magda says that a saint who is not seen is not venerated’, I came to Mexico City and I appeared to Magda at one of the concerts at La Academia and she gave me the first opportunity to host shows on TV Azteca Ajusco,” she said. in an interview for MILLENNIUM.

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The actress began her training at an early age and has explored different disciplines of this world. She has dedicated herself to dancing and singing-in fact she had a group called Hechiceras that performed at the León Fair-; nevertheless, He considers that his main vocation is acting.

“My thing has been acting, I like singing, but it’s not my forte. I’m not very in tune and I don’t have a very good ear,” she says with a laugh. But, although singing has not been her thing, she admits that she has never missed an opportunity: “I have been very forward, that is, I say: ‘you gave yes and along the way you learn or see what you do’, but you always have to take advantage of opportunities, suddenly they come to me where I had to sing and I threw it away. But it’s not my forte.”

Televisa or TV Azteca?

Focused on pursuing a career in acting, she took classes at Casa Azul and later joined Azteca Novelas. Her aspiration was to be part of television station of the Adjustment, although when she arrived in the capital she discovered that Televisa was a very important company in the world of entertainment, so she began to knock on doors.

“And something very funny is that there in León, TV Azteca is more popular, so my aspiration was to go out where my grandmother watched TV and what was seen the most was the TV Azteca Bajío newscast… The doors began to open for me there, and when I arrived here I began to hear that people watched more strong and big Televisa. I started calling and through ANDA, I asked them for an appointment, they can help you get in and report.”

It was thus that from TV Azteca he joined the ranks of Televisa, where he has participated in melodramas such as The amazon Y Physicians Life Line. But, is it currently possible to switch from one television station to another without suffering negative repercussions? The actress confesses to having been afraid of being banned and she recalls cases of colleagues who suffered from this practice.

“When I started doing that, I did die of fear because I said: ‘if I do this and they no longer let me enter Televisa’, there was this fear that you would later have to reject roles on TV Azteca because you said: ‘they already opened me the doors here and where they find out they’re going to veto me.’ I lived with that fear and they were roles in Lo que callamos las mujeres and La rosa de Guadalupe and even so it scared you. La Academia 2011, where she was a host, and they tried to do a As the saying goes or a Rosa de Guadalupe and no, you couldn’t, vetoed, because they had been at La Academia, they struggled a lot. ”

The actress points out that “there is still a bit of jealousy” among these television stations, despite this she celebrates the fact that it is now easier to carry out projects in different companies.

His film with ‘El Komander’

2022 has been a year of fruitful film projects for Palmeira Cruz. After the premiere of Innocent temptation, her name echoed again with The Princess, a film in which she plays Greece. Working with Alfredo Ríos, better known as The KomanderIt was a great experience.

“I was very surprised by how natural it is. I think it’s different to work with a singer than with an actor here at CdMx, because I saw him and he, well, it’s him, as if he were acting as El Komander almost, almost. Very funny, I did not know Culiacán, so I had a great time. He is super relaxed, I saw him being him, very free. “

In addition to the novelty of filming in Culiacanthe actress knew different perspectives given the nature of the tape: “Being an independent film, you come across other types of things that are also very enjoyable and it was a very relaxed atmosphere. I also enjoyed it a lot because I took my dog ​​with me, in fact she appears in the film, I felt like I was on vacation” .

Palmeira Cruz celebrates that throughout her career she has embodied characters that “have pushed her to the limit” and “have challenged her a lot.” Today, the actress is not only happy with the path she has traveled.

“I am very happy, very full at this moment that I already feel fulfilled in my career. I am happy with what I have done, with the projects that have been added, little is said, but lower your hand, I already have more than 10 years and I have been lucky enough to be with great actors, in great projects, very important television networks. I am very full and happy,” she adds.


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