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“Palito” Ortega will say goodbye


BUENOS AIRES (EFE) .— With a happy heart and joy as he sang his mythical song, Ramón “Palito” Ortega begins to tour the stage to thank the audience for their support for so many decades of success: “It would be very unfair to life if I asked more of it,” the Argentine musician asserts.

The creator of dozens of records and a multitude of films as an actor and director – admired in Latin America and in countries like Spain – is preparing for the start of the international tour “Gracias” with a new album at the age of 80. on December 11th at Luna Park in Buenos Aires.

“No doubt it has all the hallmarks of a goodbye as it will be more than 50 years since I started my touring and it seems fine to me that thank goodness I am generally in good health and now it is” the time “points out.

A farewell that will not be complete for the time being: “I am sure that I will still record and leave things behind,” he clarifies.

In the reason for his decision, “Palito” recalls his deceased contemporary artists.

“Almost everyone who started with me is gone, and I don’t want to abuse this generosity of life to let me go this far, let alone stop thanking the fans,” he added with conviction “unfair and ungrateful” would be if I asked for more.

With his wife, the actress Evangelina Salazar, who decided to retire at the end of the 1960s to devote herself to her family and whom she regards as the “red thread” of the clan, the singer has six children who also specialize in audiovisual or musical field.

“There comes a time when you just want time to enjoy everything you’ve done, the family, the parts that are separating from the tree, the kids, the grandchildren, and thank God I do.

Perhaps this gift is the result of a way of life. Thank goodness I didn’t have any addictions like alcohol or cigarettes. Mine was very calm, I was very disciplined from an early age, ”he emphasizes.

The knowledge that his father, who died in 2003, left him with: “His word always appeared in the big decisions I had to make and made me think.”

Now he is presenting his album “I take you under my skin”, a homage to Frank Sinatra, whom he hired in 1981 to perform in Argentina. “Palito” also spent time in politics.

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