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Paddington Bear also bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II, with whom he filmed a sketch three months ago.

Paddington Bear, a very popular character among children in Great Britain, also paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who died this Thursday at the age of 96. Just a few months ago both starred in a tender video clip on the occasion of the celebrations for the 70 years of reign of Elizabeth.

The hilarious skit simulated afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace. And after a brief talk between the two, the four-day jubilee began, in which the British celebrated in style, Elizabeth II’s seven decades as queen.

As soon as the death of the monarch was known, from his social networks, Paddington joined millions of people to pay tribute. The bear said in a simple but sincere message: “Thank you, ma’am, for everything”from his Twitter account.

Elizabeth II and Paddington Bear in the short film produced by the BBC.  Photo: BBC Studios/Heyday Films.

Elizabeth II and Paddington Bear in the short film produced by the BBC. Photo: BBC Studios/Heyday Films.

the skit together

in the clip, broadcast by the BBC on June 4 and then traveled the world, the queen and the bear share their passion for tea and jam sandwiches.

After the dialogue between the two figures, both are seen taking the silver spoons to make them sound over the porcelain teacups to the rhythm of We will Rock Youthe song by the group Queen, kicking off the four-day celebration.

This sketch was the second in history in which the queen lent herself for a performance. The first had been, in 2012, during the opening of the Olympic Games in London, where Isabel shared a brief appearance with Daniel Craig, the actor who played James Bond in the latest films of the iconic character.

Ten years later and together with Paddington, a character that her great-grandchildren adore, Elizabeth II made a cameo again. The clip was secretly filmed at Windsor Castle so that images were not previously leaked and the surprise was kept until the last moment. The recording of the sequence demanded half an hour.

In one of the opulent rooms of the castle, at a table covered with a white linen tablecloth and everything prepared for a five o’clock tea, the scene was recorded.

Paddington begins by telling the queen that he hopes she is “having a lovely jubilee” before Her Majesty offers her a cup of tea.

the clumsy bear

The funniest part is when the bear forgets his manners and instead of pouring himself tea from the china, he drinks it straight from the spout.

Then, accidentally, by his clumsiness, by catching the kettle that almost fell to the floor, he crushes a piece of cake that is on the table and splashes one of the footmen who is next to the table, with cream.

The bear then tells the queen about his love of jam sandwiches and pulls out one that he keeps hidden in his signature red hat.

“I always carry it in case of emergencies,” the character tells His Majesty.

The queen admits that she too always wears one. And she goes straight to her inseparable bag to look for her sandwich. “I keep mine here,” the monarch reveals, amused at the bear’s antics.

Between smiles and gestures of complicity, after the greetings, the festivities begin, with the lighting of more than 3,000 lights throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries in tribute to the Queen.

There were also dozens of shows featuring artists such as Diana Ross, Elton John, Queen + Adam Lambert, Alicia Keys, Nile Rodgers, Andrea Bocelli, Duran Duran, James Bond theme songwriter Hans Zimmer, among many others.

The televising of the entire celebration was seen by more than 8 million people.


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