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Paco Stanley: this is how the last breakfast was reported, which uncovered a resounding “betrayal”

23 years have passed since that daily breakfast in which paco stanley lost his life after being shot while leaving a restaurant. But his death would not only shake the family audience that enjoyed his morning show, but it would uncover one of the most notorious “betrayals” of the show that to this day continues to persecute its protagonists.

And it is that nobody expected that his companion, and then friend, mario bezares was presented as one of the masterminds behind the crime. However, the authorities also attributed the incident to the organized crimebeing one of the theories behind the murder a reckoning.

It was also surprising that the then aide-de-camp of the program paola during was identified as an alleged accomplice in the act. Both Bezares and the presenter, to date, insist on her innocence.

Why was Mario Bezares in prison?

Just a few months ago, Paco Stanley’s son spoke again about the tragedy that took his father away from him and accused Bezares of having given him a fake phone “for whatever you need” during his father’s funeral,

Given these statements, Bezares then spoke to First hand and remembered that after the murder of paco stanley remained under investigation, to later be accused of allegedly being behind the attack, like the presenter paola during.

“I was completely into something else, how do you want me to give you a phone, a fake thing?Why would he get close to me? I was completely persecuted, if it was 18, 20 hours that I was declaring (…) and then they root me. They completely take my cell phone and, well, how do you think I can give a false number? “Mayito”in statements quoted by Infobae.

Bezares also said that he plans to launch a series in which tell “the truth” behind the murder of Paco Stanley and why he was accused of it.

Therefore, he argued that will no longer talk about the family of the deceased because he considers that this could harm the negotiations of take your story to television.

“If he follows trying to hang and still have fame through thisWell, that’s his anger, it’s that simple, but I think we’re the ones to do something because we really live it”.

Who killed Paco Stanley?

On June 7, 1999, the driver paco stanleyof 56 yearswas assassinated in the Mexico City outside a restaurant called “The Pool of Frogs”. After the fact, it was said that “Mayito” received a “whistle” what made that will get up to the bathroom at the time when the assassins ended the life of one of the most popular presenters of the moment.

The “urban legend”, which tells that Stanley had problems with drugs and therefore was attacked by order of a major drug trafficker; he resumed precisely in “The Lord of the heavens”.

In an interview for the show “Mimi with you”Bezares recalled that he lived really hard times in prison, where he did not know what would happen to his wife and children:

It was heartbreaking talking to my children. He did pay Alejandro very heavily, something that when we were able to talk after all this happened, he told me ‘every time I admire you more, dad, I love you more, dad,’ he says in statements quoted by mmradius.

With a view to selling the story to make a series about what he lived through, Bezares says he is calm and ready to continue with his projects.

Paco Stanley threatened on his show

It should be noted that after the death of Stanley and the legal process against “Mayito”, TV Azteca shared a series of documentaries that reaffirmed the theory about that “urban legend” in which the presenter had allegedly already been warned that he would be assassinated.

Via “The story behind the myth”the television channel fueled the doubts around Bezares, arguing that the presenter would have been uncomfortable in the way he was treated by the star of the program, since his “patiño” figure in the morning was known.

In said program it was said that Stanley had already been threatened with death, but that the hit man changed his mind at the last minute and the event ended in an assault. It was also said that in one of the programs, the driver seemed nervous, as he had allegedly been given a piece of paper announcing that he would be assassinated.

Reference from yucatan

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