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Paco de Miguel dressed up as Lolita Cortés and parodied the moment she ignored him during “La Academia”

Paco de Miguel imitated Lola Cortés (Photos: Screenshots TV Azteca/IG pacodemiguel)

Though The Academy: 20 years came to an end last Saturday, the controversy around the show has not stopped, as some of the guests and judges continue to have some clashes. Such is the case of Paco de Miguel, who after being ignored during the final of the program by Lolita Cortés, He did not hesitate to express his annoyance once again, but this time as a mockery.

And it all started on Saturday, August 13, when -during the first part of the final- the comedian appeared personalized as Miss Letty on the forum stage to deliver the OMG awards for tiktok. In this sense, de Miguel made some jokes about Lola Cortés and even requested a camera as did the theater actress a few years ago to ask them not to vote for the controversial Jolette.

Given this, rather than being amused, Lolita appeared on camera with a wide face of displeasure and later decided to ignore the comedian to better dedicate herself to taking some selfies from her hands.

Thus, several days after this event and Paco de Miguel expressed his discontent with the situation in various ways, the famous tiktoker decided to go a little further and from his stories of Instagram dressed up as Lola Cortes and imitated the moment, but not before writing:

“When you’re in class with the proge you don’t understand his subject”.

Later, Paco de Miguel can be seen in the photograph with a red wig, an outfit similar to the one worn by the iron judge in the end and painted nails.

This would have implied that the influencer possibly insinuated that Lolita Cortés did not understand his sense of humor during his presentation in The academy.

Paco de Miguel dressed up as the judge (Photo: Ig pacodemiguel)
Paco de Miguel dressed up as the judge (Photo: Ig pacodemiguel)

It should be noted that in addition to this recent parody that the young man did to “defend himself” from the famous, a few days ago Alexander Acha uploaded to his account TikTok a clip in where he appeared with Paco de Miguel disguised as Miss Letty.

“Headmaster, please come. I had a situation with the teacher Lola, while I was there she made a face which seemed absolutely nothing to meHe made a face at me and disrespected me. So I ask you to please fix this situation or if she has a problem with me, come and fix it and tell me,” said the influencer.

For his part, Alexander Acha replied “But what can I tell her (…) I can’t control her, she comes angry, she comes with a mug, what do I do”, while she begged Miss Letty (Paco de Miguel) that the problem not escalate further.

You can even see in the video how the singer kneels before Paco so that he doesn’t accuse him with the “SEP”. “If not, I am going to escalate this to the Ministry of Public Education and I am going to file my complaint”said the young man.


#MissLety complaining to the Director about another teacher’s snub at @La Academia #comedy @pacodemiguel you are a great talent! 🙌🏻🤩

♬ original sound – Alexander Acha

The reactions on social networks after the appearance of Paco de Miguel in “La Academia”

Although several fans were satisfied with Paco de Miguel’s presentation on the aztec tv, Others expressed their indignation at the constant parodies that the comedian makes towards women and They branded him a misogynist.

If Paco de Miguel had developed other types of characters and not only made fun of women, it would not have been so sad yesterday because I would have had more resources. But the fault lies with the people who made him believe that his misogyny was laughable, ”netizens wrote on Twitter.


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