Home Entertainment Pacho O’Donnell pays dramatic tribute to Mario Benedetti’s work

Pacho O’Donnell pays dramatic tribute to Mario Benedetti’s work

Pacho O'Donnell pays dramatic tribute to Mario Benedetti's work

The Return of theatrical Activity Buenos Aires has several reintroductions on billboards. will be one of them to the left of the oak (remind Mario Benedetti), written by historian (among other things) Pacho O’Donnell and directed by Daniel Markov.

the piece that will only be on stage for eight tasks It will be presented in a revival as the fourth season at the Center for Cultural Cooperation.

is about Tribute to the great writer of Uruguay who knew how to interpret and express the hopes and misfortunes of the Latin American people throughout his texts.

Pacho O'Donnell Returns To The Scene Up And Down The Stage.  Photo From His Instagram.

Pacho O’Donnell returns to the scene up and down the stage. Photo from his Instagram.

but Benedetti also wrote love and romanticism with the same intensity.. In addition, he built strong ties with Argentina, where lived for many years during his exile for political reasons.

The show, written by O’Donnell, is A journey through his life, his thoughts, his poetry, his commitment, his humor and songs Composed by composers such as Joan Manuel Seurat, Silvio Rodriguez, Daniel Viglietti and Alberto Favarro, all are inspired by his poems.

The title of the work which is being reissued refers to one of his most beautiful poems. and O’Donnell, in addition to being the author of the text, Participates as an actor with the cast that make up Alejandra Darini and composers Marcelo Balcels and Sergio Venikoff, all under the direction of Daniel Markov.

An excerpt from the poem says: “I don’t know if it ever happened to you / And they stare fanatically into each other’s eyes / As if love were a very small tunnel / And they would think inside that love.

Seurat And Benedetti: The Music Of Spanish At Work Sounds Inspired By The Uruguayan Efe / Courtesy Fundación Benedetti

Seurat and Benedetti: The music of Spanish at work sounds inspired by the Uruguayan EFE / Courtesy Fundación Benedetti

And it continues: “Those two for example on the left side of the oak / (I might even call it acacia or araucaria / thanks to my gaps on the paan and Linnaeus) / they speak and apparently the words / they are tempted to see them / Since they don’t even the echoes reach me“.

O’Donnell, physician specializing in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, There is a lot of work on these topics. But, apart from that, he ventured into literature with texts mainly based on historical events.

Among others, he wrote Copsy, The Temptation of the Goalkeeper’s Daughter, Momprasen’s Little Tiger, Chaplin’s Ants, Donna Leonor, Russian and Yankees. His latest book in this genre is distant homeland.

O’Donnell has also had a long career as a playwright. As a playwright, he won the First Nagar Award and the National Fund for the Arts Award with his first play Beetle Cars. he also wrote Cold and hot, are you a wolf? (First premiered within the framework of the Open Theater), Vincent and the Crows, Van Gogh, Sabers, Guayaquil Meeting u the temptation, the last three of the historical topic.

Guayaquil meeting Describes the historical crossing between two leading men of Latin American independence: José de San Martín and Simon Bolivar. This work, like many others, reached the stages of various Buenos Aires locations over the years.

to the left of the oak Will be presented from August 6 at the Center for Cultural Cooperation (AV Corrientes 1543), with performances Friday at 7:00 p.m. Tickets: $100, per http://www.centrocultural.coop or by https://www.alternativateatral.com/obra59400-a-la-izquierda-del-roble.