Home Entertainment Pablo Monteiro stars in a new scandal, now with his ex-wife

Pablo Monteiro stars in a new scandal, now with his ex-wife

Pablo Monteiro stars in a new scandal, now with his ex-wife

Pablo Monteiro again giving something to talk about, Now due to controversy, he is with his ex-wife Carolina Van Willink.

According to versions of entertainment journalists, The singer demands that her former partner, Quintana Roo, who lives in Cancun, allow her to live with their two daughters., Daniela and Carolina Hernandez van Willink.

They show very disturbing videos of Pablo Monteiro

A series of videos were presented during the show program “Ventanendo” in which Pablo Monteiro appears upset and demands that Carolina return the furniture in a dining room. who is inside the house where he currently lives with two girls

In the images from the video, Carolina Van Willink can be heard saying to Pablo Monteiro: “This is my house, please, this is private property, please leave my house, You’re threatening to kill my boyfriend, can you get out?”

discussion for dining room

Soon after, the actor responded by leaning against one of the chairs in the dining room: “Can I have my dining room?” The question he asked over and over again.

When she saw that Pablo urged Carolina if she could take the furniture seen in the images, one of her daughters asked; “Which dining room?”, to which his ex-wife hinted; “Your dad wants to take over the dining room”, to which Monteiro interrupted and added; “Yeah, because that chair is for Carito to sit on.”

Carolina explained to her daughter that she didn’t want her new partner, Louis, to eat at home., to which Paul immediately replied; “That he feels where he wants, but that is not his place, this place is …”, and there the recording ended.

Other videos of daughters

In another recording, Pablo Monteiro goes back to his ex-wife’s house, accompanied by court officials, during her birthday party. He demands that he hand over his two daughters, however the younger one refuses.

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