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Pablo Milanes sold two thousand tickets and caused a controversy

Tickets for a unique concert by a Cuban singer-songwriter Paul Milanes In National Theater from Havana June 21 They sold out yesterday, Wednesday, shortly after they went on sale, sparking a dispute between the public and the cultural facility’s administration.

Facing a demand for clarification by a group of people unable to buy tickets, the director of the National Theatre, nerida lopezreported that according to a video published by independent media, “one amount was taken for sale to the public and the other amount was given to organisations.”

He specified that the Avellaneda Hall of the National Theatre, where the concert is scheduled, is 2,056 seatsBut it did not say how many went on sale and how many went to the authorities.

Cuban singer-songwriter and guitarist Pablo Milanes during a concert of the "Live" cycle presented in 2021 at the Motril Bullring in Granada.  Photo: EFE

Cuban singer-songwriter and guitarist Pablo Milanes during a concert of the “Live” cycle presented in 2021 at the Motril Bullring in Granada. Photo: EFE

In fact, one of those who saw his desire to see Pablo Milanes disappointed after more than two years of absence on the island was outraged: “Can’t you talk to the organizations to sell you some more tickets? There are people. Here those who have been since dawn…”, he proposed.

never before

Paul Milanes.  press photo

Paul Milanes. press photo

Officer-in-Charge Lopez assured that “never” There was “such a case” and he said that in other productions ticket sales only reached the audience and the first balcony of the theatre.

In this case, he admitted that he expected more demand. “We knew that this Pablo concert would lead to this situation because it is a solo concert,” he said.

The directive also referred to the dissidents that the National Theater is currently the only one available for this type of performance as others have problems. “We are the only ones dealing with the programming of the capital,” he insisted.

an unexpected show

Last Monday, Pablo Milanes surprised his fans with an announcement on his social media profile with the show as part of his tour. light daysWith whom he currently visits various cities in Spain, a country he has lived in for many years, and which also took him to the United States.

The latest performance on the island by the author of iconic songs such as Yolanda, what a cool way to live They date from 2018 before the pandemic, when they gave a huge concert, which sold out exact 5,000 locations of theater Karl MarxA recital dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana.

Pablo Milanes and Fito Pays in 2015.

Pablo Milanes and Fito Pays in 2015.

Then, in late 2019, Pablo returned to Cuba with his daughter Heidi during a memorable recital at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

a great artist

at the age of 79And after an artistic career spanning more than six decades, Milanes has accumulated a music library composed of dozens of albums that deal with love as well as the social context in which this artist is committed to his time, knows how to live. .

His extensive repertoire—which includes More than 400 songs by his authorship and fifty albums—including collaborations and live recordings with other artists, as well as a series of albums devoted to the genres of traditional Cuban music.

Source Agency EFE

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