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Pablo Albuerne, new judge of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, ready for premiere

Starting next Sunday the Spanish chef Paul Albuerne joins his colleagues Betty Vazquez and Jose Ramon Castilloto make the triad of judges in Master Chef Celebritya fact that, he acknowledges, makes him happy, since he considers it to be “the hit of cooking shows”.

In a hint of sincerity, when speaking with MILLENNIUM In a break from the recording of program number 13, Albuerne specifies: “As much as I come from high-flying cuisine, my love and what I intend is to reach as many people as possible; that does it very well MasterChef”.

Photographer by profession and chef by vocation, the chef whose specialty is the rice dishes he cooks in his restaurant The Fox, in Barcelonaand who has also tried and studied all the places in the world that he has visited, including Mexico, which has led him to create his own proposal of rice with mole and chicken, inspired by the chilaquiles with mole lunch that they gave him during his stay in Taxco highlights the role that cuisine has adopted in recent years.

Who is the new judge of MasterChef Celebrity 2022?

Gastronomy is the tip of the flag of any culture, it is the banner that encompasses a lot of things, the way of living, of belonging; the story is told through the kitchen”.

By taking it to television, a very enriching result is achieved, highlights the native of Oviedo: “Entertainment does not have to be bad, it can also be culture and learning, be very didactic. MasterChef It is the sign that this entertainment is not at odds with the didactic and that mixture is what makes it a point of success”.

With little more than a month in Mexico, Pablo arrived just one day before the start of the recording of the program, and he highlights that the experience has been very cordial because he has had “the affection of the entire team MasterChefthe production and the chefs Betty and José Ramón”.

When asked how he sees the participants, he replied: “They are very good, I like that they are authentic; I think they are more characters as people than as characters who are by profession. I didn’t know them except Talina Fernandez; Everyone puts in a lot of effort.”

The chef will stay in Mexico for a few weeks, so he shared that he will continue with his routine in Coyoacán: “I am living in that area, and I find time to go to Los Danzantes, where I always had a soup of the day and I ate a plate of holy leaf stuffed with goat cheese and a little mezcal cocktail; I have simple tastes and I like that routine”.

On Sunday

The competition, in which the chefs Jose Ramon and Betty continue as judges, starts on Sunday under the leadership of Tatiana

On this occasion there will be 20 participants in the competition that begins this Sunday Aztec 1.

Margarita, The Goddess of Cumbia; Francisco Gattorno, Karla Gascón, Julio Camejo, Lorena Herrera and Carmen Campuzano, Alán Ibarra (Magneto), Carlos Eduardo Rico, Nadia, Ernesto D´Alessio, Alejandra Toussaint, Verónica del Castillo, Marcelo Lara (Burgerman and Moderatto musician) They will be part of the competition.

In the competition to show their skills in gastronomy will also participate: Macky González, Mauricio Mancera, Pedro Moreno, Alejandra Ávalos, Ricardo Peralta, Arturo López Gavito and Talina Fernández.


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