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Ozzy Osbourne left the United States “because of violence” and returned to settle in the United Kingdom

Ozzy Osbourne He is British but has been living in the city of Los Angeles for more than 20 years. However, he has now decided to return to his country of birth and explained that it is due to “the great armed violence” in the United States.

Osbourne and his wife Sharon they are going back to their mansion in BuckinghamshireThe Black Sabbath singer told the British newspaper The Observer in a recent interview.

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon at the Pride of Britain Awards, 2017. Photo: Reuters.

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon at the Pride of Britain Awards, 2017. Photo: Reuters.

The life of the Osbourne family in California was documented in the famous MTV reality series The Osbournesin the early 2000s.

harsh criticism

In the report, Ozzy made harsh criticism of American society: “I don’t want to die in America. I don’t want to be buried in fucking Forest Lawn Cemetery. I’m English and I want to be back home.”

He maintained that “everything is fucking ridiculous” in the United States and claimed to be “sick of people dying every day”.

“God knows how many people have been shot in school shootings. And there was also that mass shooting in Las Vegas at that concert. It’s crazy,” the artist said.

In 2022 there have been more than 440 mass shootings in the United States, according to the Gun Violence Archive, which updated its data on Monday. The Las Vegas mass shooting Osbourne referred to occurred in 2017 and killed 58 people, and it remains the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

Your current activity

Ozzy Osbourne plans to stay in Buckinghamshire, following his surprise appearance this month at the closing of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, where he reunited with fellow Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi for a version of its classic paranoid.

It was the singer’s first stage appearance since November 2020, when he performed in Germany after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

With 73 years and various health problems – although miraculously alive and in acceptable condition if one takes into account the lifestyle he led marked by excesses – Ozzy Osbourne will release his eleventh solo album on September 9, patient number 9which features Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins as guests.

In this sense, the musician did not rule out future collaborations with his former partner in Black Sabbath, or new tours.

“I’ll retire the day I’m in the drawer, and still, I’ll get up in the middle of the funeral to do an encore,” the rocker had said at the end of the A&E documentary. The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne.

For her part, Sharon Osbourne said that “America has changed drastically” and said that there is “nothing united.” She got into divisive debates last year, when she defended her friend Piers Morgan in an argument with Sheri Underwood on an episode of her morning show. TheTalkand later left the show after former colleagues accused her of using racist and homophobic language.


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