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Ozzy Osbourne had a very complicated operation, was discharged and has already left the hospital

Rock star Ozzy Osbourne left the hospital in Los Angeles yesterday where he had surgery on Monday. He got into a wheelchair, wearing black joggers and a long-sleeved shirt.

The family did not give details of the type of operation, but his wife Sharon said yesterday morning that “Ozzie is feeling well” and posted an old photo of him singing when he was very young on Twitter.


“I’m liking it!” Sharon tweeted with a picture of Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy himself posted a message on his account, saying that he is already at home “recovering comfortably and without a doubt feeling the love and support of all his fans, To whom I send many thanks for your thoughts, prayers and best wishes. My stay. Recovery”.

Ozzy Osbourne's message on his Twitter.

Ozzy Osbourne’s message on his Twitter.

In photos and videos of her exit from the hospital, Sharon is seen near a wheelchair wearing a mask like Ozzy.

more messages

Sharon's message for Tuesday regarding Ozzy Osbourne's health

Sharon’s message for Tuesday regarding Ozzy Osbourne’s health

On Tuesday, Sharon posted another message on her Twitter account: “Our family would like to express our great gratitude for the love and support for Ozzy’s surgery.”

He continued: “Ozzie is doing well and on his way to a speedy recovery. Your love means a lot to him.”

Last week, Sharon told the media that Ozzy’s condition was critical and the operation was very difficult. In fact, he immediately flew to London to be by her side.

Ozzy Osbourne in 2020.  Photo Reuters.

Ozzy Osbourne in 2020. Photo Reuters.

As he told his fellow panelists on the TalkTV channel, “On Mondays they do a very important operation and I have to be with them. This is something that will really determine their standard of living for the next few years.”

It was rumored that the operation was done to “remove and re-align” some of the pins in his back and neck, which were placed on his fall in 2019. One fan on Twitter said, “Ozzy is 73 years old and any operation is difficult at that age.”

On Monday after the operation, Sharon and her daughter Kelly both visited Ozzy. Kelly is 37 years old and pregnant with her first child with Slipknot musician Sid Wilson.

Ozzy Osbourne, IG Photo.

Ozzy Osbourne, IG Photo.

Ozzy’s Health

Ozzy Osbourne’s back problems date back to his 2003 accident with an ATV. His neck was broken and eight of his ribs were broken. And in 2019 he slipped in the shower and had to undergo surgery again.

In May of this year, Ozzy told Classic Rock magazine that he cannot walk properly and that he sees a kinesiologist every day. “At 73 I’m pretty good,” he said. “I’m still a day sober without alcohol or drugs,” he said.

a media family

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon at the Brit Awards 2017.  Photo: Reuters.

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon at the Brit Awards 2017. Photo: Reuters.

When Osbourne created a reality show in the early 2000s, he became massively famous. There, the daily details of his relationship with his wife Sharon and their children Kelly and Jack were seen. There’s also another daughter, Amy, who didn’t let herself be filmed as much.

Ozzy’s current ailments include Parkinson’s, where according to Sharon “he has some good days and some bad days, because it affects his nerves.” And as Ozzy clarified. “I’m not dying of Parkinson’s. I’ve dodged death several times already.”


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