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OV7 Member’s Daughter Shares Photos From Her Mother’s Youth And Goes Viral

In TikTok we can see different videos ranging from the funny to dusting off memories that are undoubtedly in the heart and such is the case that the daughterto de M’Balia, The member of the group OV7 shared a video in which her mother is seen as a young woman.

This clip has already gone viral not only because it is presented with one of the most popular songs of the moment, but also because of the comments who ensure that their mother looks more beautiful than ever.

From what can be read in this video, she is “the crush” of many people, in addition to the fact that the followers of the group of the nineties assured that M’balia is still a great artist.

OV7: “It’s our story 33 years later”

M’Balia goes viral on TikTok

With TikTok we can have a new door to the trunk of the memories where we found some valuable photos because it is more accessible share them with the public.

This time it was the turn of the OV7 member M’Balia However, her daughter was the one who shared the photos of this singer and assured that she continues and was the ‘i wanna be yours’ of many still.

in the photos we can see some magazine clippings in which the singer appears around the year two thousand, when the group was in its greatest heyday.

Here we leave you this video of the daughter of M’Balia in which we can see that the artist she remains not only talented but incomparably beautiful.

0V7 and his new tour

Currently the pop band is celebrating its thirty years of career so they wanted to celebrate with a tour of the Mexican Republic.

In addition, they exclusively assured for Milenio that they will tell the story of what is OV7in addition to the fact that there will be no songs singing with other artists, it will be a dynamic show, there will be funny, melancholic parts.

It is always a pleasure to remember what the artists looked like in their youthful years, as well as to observe the growth as the dand M’Balia, the member of OV7.


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