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Out of nowhere, Mick Jagger comes up with a single theme for an Apple TV+ series

Mick Jagger he launched funny gameA theme co-written and performed by the Rolling Stones singer, added to the soundtrack of the new series slow horsestarring Gary Oldman,

funny game It is available on all platforms from today. Its publication. coincides with the premiere of slow horsewhich is promoted as “one of the most anticipated series of this season”, and released today on Friday. Apple TV+ Whole world. The series in question is based on a book mick herron,

Cover of the "Slow Horses" series single by Mick Jagger.

Cover of the “Slow Horses” series single by Mick Jagger.

Premiere revolves around a team of British intelligence agents who work in an abandoned headquarters Mi5, They ended up there due to Slow House, and serious career mistakes. Made up of artists, with Gary Oldman Kristen Scott Thomas Jonathan Pryce Olivia Cooke and Jack Lowden. oldman plays jackson lambBrilliant and treacherous leader of British spies.

dark shades

Jagger’s theme is Can be characterized as a melody with dark tones and contemporary sounds and clear piano arrangements.

Jagger co-wrote the song in collaboration with the soundtrack composer. Oscar Daniel PembertonNominated for an Oscar in 2021 for his work listen to my voice and recently nominated for BAFTA Being RicardoAn American biographical drama film (2021) written and directed by Aaron Sorkinswho star Nicole Kidman And Javier Bardem,

The director of the series speaks

To the director of the series, James HowesHearing the song for the first time, “was very exciting.” He continued: “Mick’s lyrics and performance hit the nail on the head with the vibe of slow horseWith all the humor and swagger I dreamed of,” he says in a statement to Universal.

According to Pemberton, who created funny game“Working with Mick Jagger was one of those most exciting collaboration of my professional career. I think we’ve managed to create an incredibly unique and original track, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to hear it.”

director slow horse went to the bone with his previous intentions: “We always wanted a song that would set the tone of the show and I only had one name on my mind: Mick Jagger, Hearing the track for the first time was absolutely exciting. Mick’s lyrics and acting perfectly matched the mood of the show: the humor and swagger I had dreamed of.”

“I was working on a fun project with composer Daniel Pemberton…pay attention Coming soon!” The 78-year-old artist wrote.

Jagger’s theme—worthy—is already a massive influence in international networks and in the media:

“This great song has totally bluesy vibes and in fact, it’s a track from a collaboration with renowned soundtrack composer Daniel Pemberton.”

“The atmospheric and infectious series title track ‘Strange Game’ captures the series’ dark and mischievous premise…”

IA few weeks ago the Stones announced that they would be returning to the road to celebrate their 60 Years Career! The dates for his European tour to 11 countries across the old continent have already been announced.


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