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“Otra vez”: Audio fails in concert by Danna Paola in CdMx he bothers with his output

The singer Danna Paola does not end remaining in the center of the controversy, since from the starting of her ‘XT4SIS’ new music toura sequence of complex, logistical and manufacturing failures They have come to be the stars of the present.

The inaugural exhibit, scheduled for November 4 in the metropolis of San Luis, was canceled with short lead time thanks to provider troubles of inputs. As a result, the initial present was held in Guadalajara on Friday, November 11.

East was full of criticism and accusations towards the singer, as various incidents happened through the producing. The 1st of them was the personal injury that Danna herself caused with her knee though doing a choreography.

The higher than brought about the suspension of the live performance about 20 minutes, even though it would only be the commencing, because the lovers she was booed for the brief period of the celebration, listening to pre-recorded tracks and the refusal to you should his supporters with the hits they preferred to listen to.

There ended up even all those who claimed that It was the worst concert they had ever attended in their lives.. Well, now Danna exposed her audio engineers after a new failure.

Audio fails in the course of the Danna Paola concert

throughout his live performance in Guadalajara Danna Paola he was out of tune in the interpretation of ‘The sad’, and straight away blamed the audio engineer, Effectively, in an unfriendly way, he turned to see him, presuming an obvious error on his component. Now there was a new difficulty in the exact song, in this situation in the concert held at the Nationwide Auditorium in Mexico Metropolis.

Danna was hardly at the beginning of the melody when the accompanying history track was reduce, leaving her acapella. She ongoing singing, but not before declaring “once again” in an annoying tone when she looked toward in which her production machines is situated she at the same time she pointed her finger at them.

He concluded the song with just his voice, although as an apology and tJust after 5 minutes of ready, he returned to his authentic area. to engage in it yet again.

I’m heading to tell them appropriately (…) you should, we return to the sad, thank you extremely substantially, “he talked about.

Nevertheless, once again his gear was bad for him, making attendees wait around for 30 minutes.


Danna managed the condition very properly ???? #Danna Paola #Nationwide Auditorium

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