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Óscar Burgos confesses that he took the bathroom during a live program: “I had a bad stomach”

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The comedian Óscar Burgos has had painful moments on television, but none surpasses the one he recently recounted on his YouTube channel: when he took the bathroom during a broadcast of the program The club.

“I was training to compete for Mister Nuevo León, Master Bracamontes was preparing me, and my diet consisted of a lot of protein and very little carbohydrates to be able to score. (…) Getting up in the morning, the first thing I did was grab a fresh orange juice, I poured half a liter, and two cans of tuna in water, that was my breakfast”, he told at the beginning of the anecdote.

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Later, he pointed out that the day that embarrassing situation occurred “I had no more protein than tuna and orange juice. So I woke up in the morning, made my tuna with juice, then another and another. He had 3 of those smoothies: a liter and a half of orange with six cans of tuna”.

It’s not that I felt sick, but that my stomach kind of loosened up.”, he added.

So, he came to the television station but did not want to go to the bathroom because “I am very special for that of the bathroom; If I’m going to poo I have to bring wet towels. (…) So I said: ‘I can’t do anything here because I don’t have wipes and we’re going to go on air’, and I left the entire program, I couldn’t be out of the studio for a single moment”.

“I approached and told La Gata: ‘I’m going to get a jet because of what I’m eating as a smoothie, it’s all going to come out.’ And he: ‘Hold on’ and laughed. He followed the part of Perro Guarumo and there in the studio we had made a kind of dressing room so that he didn’t have to go up the entire corridor; he was inside the studio so he could change me in two minutes.”

In a commercial cut, Óscar went to the makeshift dressing room to change: “I forgot that I had a bad stomach and since La Gata was there and Ingrid Leija, me as a mom…. I fart for fucking them.”

I was already with Perro Guarumo’s romper and I told her: ‘Gata, I shit…’. So I take off my suit and grab a shirt he had on, a white one, and Ingrid tells me: ‘It smells like shit…’. I do this and I see that the whole shirt is stained and La Gata tells me: ‘They just gave it to me’, it was from the Virgin of Guadalupe,” Burgos said.

But he did not have time to clean himself, because at that moment he had to go into the air: “I zip up my suit, put on my mask and walk out. They see me arrive and La Gata wallowed with laughter, and then she says: ‘The dog is shitting…’ ”.

“Omar, the prop, cried, threw himself on the floor laughing and I kept doing my Guarumo Dog number. Overall I wanted to do the quick routine shutdown. Omar grabs me and takes me to the showers of the channel: I took a shower, dried myself, got dressed and went back to the airthey made fun of me a lot that time ”, concluded Óscar about this moment.


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