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“Opportunists”: Arleth Terran Attacks Voladores de Papantla


The actress came out in defense of her friend Arth de la Torre. However, his words stirred controversy.

Mexico City.- Arleth Terran called Voladores de Papantla an “opportunist”, Who they condemned With Moneyman Company for discrimination and moral damages, after the dissemination of an advertisement that featured the driver and actor Artha de la Torre.

they reminded him of his controversial past

the actress commented, from an account that is not verified but is affiliated with the agency it represents, a publication created on Instagram, in which The complaint is reported. However, other social media users they attacked him To defend your ally.

&Quot;Opportunists&Quot;: Arleth Terran Attacks Voladores De Papantla - Light Home News

user not only He criticized the opinion of Earleth Terrano. about the dispute between Arth de la Torre and Voladores de Papantla, but they remembered the occasion in which it is considered she was the third in discord Between Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardia, when the three of them were working on the telenovela “So Ya Yo”, which the couple’s separation.

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Why was the Arth de la Torre reported?

Council for the Preservation and Preservation of the Ritual Ceremony of Voladores AC and Legal Director of the DIF of Veracruz, Jacinto Ceja Legal action for moral damages and discrimination against the Moneyman Company for the dissemination of a commercial in which they consider, Voladores de Papantla was violated, The ritual ceremony has been declared by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity since 2009.

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