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One year after Maradona’s death, the new documentary series Diego intimo arrives: Sacred Dream

One year after Maradona's death, the new documentary series Diego intimo arrives: Sacred Dream

Next Thursday, November 25, marks a year since the death of Diego Armando Maradona, a loss that many Argentines still do not assimilate. And to remember -or continue crying- the world soccer star, Elnueve premieres the documentary series Intimate Diego: Sacred Dream.

After premiering the first chapter of the Amazon Prime Video series, Since Monday 22 the channel seeks to pay tribute to the authentic Diego Maradona with exclusive images and interviews edited for the first time as a collection cycle that will be conducted by Gonzalo bonadeo.

They will be cFour episodes that will be seen from Monday at 23 -and for four consecutive nights at the same time- and that they show man before idol. The final chapter coincides with the first anniversary of his death.

Diego With Dalma And Giannina, A Trio That Will Appear Frequently In This Documentary By Elnueve.

Diego with Dalma and Giannina, a trio that will appear frequently in this documentary by Elnueve.

A timeline of the past will be traversed showing to the Fluff from several axes: the authentic, the romantic, the father, the son and the idol. There will be a compilation of interviews and exclusive images of Elnueve that allow us to learn more about the Argentine crack. “It’s Maradona speaking in the first person”says the official statement.

“After the exclusive broadcast of the first chapter of Maradona: Blessed dream, on October 28, it is a privilege for Elnueve to be able to bring and share this exclusive material with our entire audience ”, announced Sebastián Rollandi, general manager of the channel.

“We can see Diego sharing moments with his daughters, his family, his fans; where we can hear from his mouth everything about his dreams, his intimacy and accompany him in his triumphs. This cycle is a trip back in time, to see Maradona again ”, he advanced.

What the previews show

Maradona Married Claudia Villafañe On November 7, 1989.

Maradona married Claudia Villafañe on November 7, 1989.

As shown by the advances that the channel has been launching, Intimate Diego: Sacred Dream He will review, among other passages in his life, the marriage ceremony with Claudia Villafañe at the Iglesia del Santísimo Sacramento in Buenos Aires.

Although there was no access to the press, it is expected that the party can also be seen at the Luna Park stadium, which had Fidel Castro among the guests.

They are also seen home videos of Maradona fishing and horseback riding (“As a boy I wanted to have horses, but I just saw them,” says Diego’s voice in the background), or dancing with Claudia dressed in a Sevilla shirt.

Bilardo And Maradona In A Sevilla Training Session, In September '92.  Efe

Bilardo and Maradona in a Sevilla training session, in September ’92. EFE

“We are walking through Seville, which in Naples we could not do”Diego says to the camera, hand in hand with Claudia, in another sequence of that Maradona who played for the Andalusian club between 1992 and 1993, before returning to Argentina.

In another preview, Maradona Sr. can be seen introducing Dalma to the media for the first time, playing with Giannina for the then news, NineDaily; or running and kicking a ball on the beach with both of them as little girls.

Maradonean Bonadeo

“I am aware of the contradictions. There are things that I have not liked, things that I do. But if I found out about these things, it is because Maradona was the best exponent of the sport that we all like the most ”, reflected Gonzalo Bonadeo that November 25, 2020, a few minutes after learning that the Ten had died.

It should be remembered that the journalist had already been summoned by the British documentary maker Asif kapadia for Diego Maradona, the 2019 documentary.

Gonzalo Bonadeo, The Face Of The Olympics For Tyc Sports, Will Now Host This Special For Four Nights For Elnueve.

Gonzalo Bonadeo, the face of the Olympics for TyC Sports, will now host this special for four nights for Elnueve.

At that time, Bonadeo said that he was interviewed by the production of the documentary and had long talks with Kapadia about episodes in the life of the Ten, such as doping in the 1994 World Cup in the United States.

Now, the TyC Sports host, recognized for his great photographic memory and for being the face of many archival programs, will be in charge of guiding the new documentary cycle of Elnueve.

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