Home Entertainment One of the best Argentine films in history turns 40

One of the best Argentine films in history turns 40

One of the best Argentine films in history turns 40

Today, July 30th, marks the 40th anniversary of the premiere of time for revenge, one of the best Argentine cinema films of all time. What that meant in the midst of a military dictatorship, and because it is a movie.

a film by Adolfo Aristaran It was much more than a breath of fresh air for the still panorama that was shown on national screens. Dictatorship reigned, and the nefarious Film Institute rating body, as it was called in 1981, claimed the power to cut or ban films.

It is known: the trick of the owners of the Aries label (Hector Oliveira and Fernando Ayala) was to present it at the last minute, with the premiere, on Monday, July 27, to be able to reverse, if prohibited. up.

Federico Luppi, Former Federalist Who Plans To Scam The Multinational Tulsaco.  Photo Clarin Archive

Federico Luppi, former federalist who plans to scam the multinational Tulsaco. photo clarin archive

none of this happened time for revenge, but because Aristarne knew to circumvent censorship, and because the censors on duty did not realize the background of the film Federico Luppihandjob Ulysses Dumonthandjob Julio de Grazia You heady padilla.

It was an allegory about political prisoners and disappearances, and spoke openly about trade and union oppression of the time.

make it look like an accident

Pedro Bengoa (Luppi) is a demolition worker with a past as a union leader who gets a job in the South, a corrupt multinational (Tulsaco, how can we forget the name; Aristarán would use the company again in his second) movies). Along with another ally (Bruno di Toro, Ulysses Dumont’s character), friends from the days of the workers’ struggle, they plan to betray the company.

Bengoa And Di Toro (Ulises Dumont) Plan The Explosion.  Photo Clarin Archive

Bengoa and Di Toro (Ulises Dumont) plan the explosion. photo clarin archive

They will detonate the mine, which seems accidental, Di Toro will say that he has lost his speech and thus they will negotiate a rosy compensation.

But Di Toro dies in the explosion, and it is Bengoa who plays dumb.

The company suspects that there is some fraud, and they refuse to pay compensation to Bengo, but they offer him half a million dollars. Bengoa doesn’t accept the arrangement (Larson, his lawyer, played by De Grazia, leaves him) and, well, the famous scene will finally come, which will be taken into account by moviegoers, and for those who don’t. done … end of this column.

Larsson (Julio De Grazia) Wants To Persuade Bengo To Accept The Offer: $500,000.  Photo Clarin Archive

Larsson (Julio de Grazia) wants to persuade Bengo to accept the offer: $500,000. photo clarin archive

Aristarain made his debut as a director, after being an assistant director in several hit films. great adventurehandjob My Or Jewish Gauchos, With the lion’s share. It was a thriller, if it received acclaim from critics, not seen by the mother of the main character, Julio di Grazia. It had a short theatrical release, that’s true.

Today, the lion’s share, alongside De Grazia and Luisina Brando, as a man who meets robbery booty, remains a landmark in the genre in Argentina. It should be compulsory to see in INCAA film schools and even at the University of Cinema.

Stubborn as a good descendant of the Basques, Aristarne gave him the . brought the script of time for revenge Hector Oliveira and Luis Osvaldo Repetto, after directing for their Aries label beach of love (1979) and love disco (1980).

Original Poster Of The Film.  &Quot;An Honest Man Today Does Something Very Dangerous,&Quot; He Said.  Photo Clarin Archive

Original poster of the film. “An honest man today does something very dangerous,” he said. photo clarin archive

The rest is not only history, but Aristarne made sure it was. For the pace of the story, for the montage, for the performance.

Or to the scene in which Bengoa walks with his briefcase down the highway on May 25, after taking Cochabamba and turning into Balkars, a town somewhat in ruins, from a green falcon that turns the wrong way. leads, with impunity, the corpse of a colleague is thrown at his feet … Music strings by Emilio Caudier, who worked with Aristarane in the films “From love”, and I will continue to do it, and then I will do it with Juan Jose Campanella, it is impossible to forget them.

Luppi, Ingrid Pelicori And Rodolfo Ranni In A Scene From The Movie.  Photo Clarin Archive

Luppi, Ingrid Pelicori and Rodolfo Ranni in a scene from the movie. photo clarin archive

Honored at the Havana Festival and the Montreal Festival (which at the time was fighting inch-by-inch from the reputation of other Canadians, which had just opened, Toronto), the artists were featured by Rodolfo Raini, Aldo Barbero, Enrique Lipores and Arturo Mali. was completed. among others.

Sometimes Wolver happens (he did it last Tuesday) but, for those who missed it, it’s on YouTube.