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On the side of Ivonne Montero? Adamari López explodes against Laura Bozzo and even Toni Costa is affected

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  • La Chaparrita de Oro does not hold back and explodes against Laura Bozzo.
  • She defends Ivonne Montero against the Peruvian’s attacks.
  • Even Toni Costa loses after statements by Adamari López.

Adamari against Laura Bozzo. The host of Telemundo’s ‘Hoy Día’ program was totally outraged after Laura Bozzo’s attack on Ivonne Montero within ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ in its second season, it seems that the Mexican actress became the first finalist ended up causing the anger of several, such as the Peruvian for example.

Let us remember that in social networks A video began to circulate in which Laura Bozzo and the actress faced each other in a battle of insults and where even the Peruvian completely questioned the reputation of Ivonne Montero, later it was seen how the Peruvian destroyed the drawing that the actress made for his daughter.

Adamari López explodes against Laura Bozzo for attacking Ivonne Montero

Adamari vs. Laura Bozzo

It should be noted that Laura Bozzo assured that Ivonne is only using her daughter as a “shield”, after the video circulated Adamari López was quick to speak out about it, showing complete indignation at the words and actions of the driver of Peruvian origin and even his ex, Toni Costa lost out.

In the ‘Hoy Día’ program, it has become a custom for them to manage a section where they talk about the most critical moments that are experienced within ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, even in those sections Adamari López has been questioned about Toni Costa after her participation in the reality show, but now she broke out against Laura Bozzo. Filed Under: Adamari vs. Laura Bozzo.

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