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On the cover of the famous Wire magazine is an Argentine band whose drummer has Down syndrome.

It was absolutely unexpected: today it appeared on the cover of the famous magazine wire The Argentine group Renouls, led by Down syndrome drummer Miguel Tomasin.

wire is One of the most prestigious music publications Of the World. It integrates a select and huge circle with titles such as Rolling Stone, NME, Spin and Billboard.

In fact, it would be the first time an Argentine artist would appear on the cover of one of those magazines.

Cover of the latest issue of Wire magazine featuring Reynolds.

Cover of the latest issue of Wire magazine featuring Reynolds.

note in the wire

The article dedicated to Renaults is not just another note. It’s the cover and nine pages in development, with a stellar display of photos and accolades everywhere.

According to the first text to appear in the Wire Index itself, “For three decades Argentine psychedelic travelers have witnessed a cosmic sea of ​​collaboration and communication.”

Later, at the beginning of the title note, writer Emily Pothast writes: “For Renols, who has spent more than 30 years developing his inclusive vision, rock music is the launching pad for the astral plane of communication and collaboration. ”

Alan Cortis, Miguel Tomasin and Roberto Conlazo from Renaults.

Alan Cortis, Miguel Tomasin and Roberto Conlazo from Renaults.

The pivot of note is a Zoom interview with Alan Courtois and Reynolds members Roberto Conlazo, along with a description of the journalist, which was “developed through several meetings and emails.”

a unique group

Argentine band began to do experimental rock In the 90s and became one of the most unclassified music shows in the world.

Renault's presentation lives on in Malbas

Renault’s presentation lives on in Malbas

The Reinals, composed of Miguel Tomasín, Roberto Conlazo and Alan Cortés, are one of the most widely published Argentine musical groups abroad: its list includes over 150 discs On tickets to Japan, Europe, USA, Canada, Oceania.

The television appearances that the band made in our country in 1998/1999 as part of Dr. Sokolinsky’s TV program are still remembered today: it was the time when Reynals was the resident band of pediatrician Mario Sokolinski, when He did TV shows. the health of our childrenby ATC.

In 2020, the New York newspaper Star Review published an article calling Reynolds “the most important band in rock history”.

For its part, their album was included in the Japanese magazine Studio Voice. Reynolds/No Reynolds One of the “300 Legendary Discs” of all time, while British Fact chose the symphony for 10,000 chickens (which was featured in symbiosis in CCK) one of the best 20 Argentine psychedelic records.

Reynolds Group.

Reynolds Group.

an award for inclusion

Earlier this year, Reynolds drummer Miguel Tomasin, who has Down syndrome, was honored with Band of 2021 for his musical career. Henry Viscardi Achievement AwardIt is one of the most prestigious international awards for inclusion.

Now, Tomasin, regarded by many as the mega-punk icon of free improvisation, receives the award, given annually in the United States to “exemplary personalities who have made a profound impact on changing the lives of people with disabilities.” and protect your rights”.

The award’s name refers to Henry Viscardi who was a disability advisor to eight US presidents: from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Jimmy Carter.

The artist was the first Argentine to receive this award. This year, besides them, they were welcomed by: Dani Bowman, Rebecca Kockle, Scott Michael Robertson, Paul W Schroeder from the United States, Deepak Casey from Nepal and Lalit Kumar from India.

Tomasin thanked the award with a video in which he expressed his happiness at the difference, as can be seen on the Viscardi Center’s YouTube channel.


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