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on the battlefield for abortion

“They have so much courage? They are absolutely deaf to the will of the people.” Bette Midler woke up Friday, June 24, to resent the most conservative Supreme Court members ever who managed to overturn a legal precedent that gave a constitutional guarantee to the right to abortion.

Immediately, women started taking to the streets with their banners, as in the rest of the country. The Los Angeles Times noted green scarves around the neck or wrist and described how the phenomenon came to the United States from Argentina.

Protests in Salt Lake City.  ap photo

Protests in Salt Lake City. ap photo

Madonna immediately joined the cause. He said that he feared for his daughters, for all women, and called for a fight. “I think God put it on our shoulders now because He knows we are strong enough to bear the weight,” he encouraged.

joined him in England billie eilish, who became the youngest singer to headline the famous Glastonbury festival that night. “Today is a very dark day for the women of my country,” he congratulated.


Angry, rebellious, courage grew day by day. That Friday the Emmy Awards were given to the programs of the day, Kelly Clarkson He took 7 idols for his talk show. Both hosts of Entertainment Tonight pointed to the subject as a sharp satire.

Workers near the White House.  Photo: Reuters.

Workers near the White House. Photo: Reuters.

He complimented her dress, saying she chose it. “My Election” he repeated before a thunderous applause from the public, composed of cast members from popular soap operas and magazines and talk shows. Before television began, the CEO of the National Academy of TV and Sciences took to the stage and said that this was no ordinary night.

On Sunday, during the distribution of the BET awards, there were no more subtleties in the way the black community distributes prizes among its artists. Singer and actress Janelle Monáe presented a middle finger sign to members of the Supreme Court.

“We must celebrate our art by protecting our rights,” he said. Lisso begins the show by singing one of his hits. A while back he donated half a million dollars to support the cause.

artistic community

Demonstration in front of Supreme Court.  Photo: Reuters.

Demonstration in front of Supreme Court. Photo: Reuters.

Now that abortion is not protected by the Constitution, the decision rests in the hands of the states. A dozen immediately banned it, many others would follow. This is not the case in California nor New York. The artistic community knows it is protected but tries to fight for the rest.

to the singer Haley His tour on Saturday took him to Arizona, a state where the ban was instantaneous, and when he asked the public to join him in singing “My Body, My Choice,” he noticed that some of the onlookers were gone. It didn’t bother him. He should know how he thinks before buying the ticket, he replied.

The stand-up comedian decided to go out on the stage of Los Angeles clubs over the first weekend to talk about it.

most famous Chelsea Handler dedicates herself to insulting members of the court When filling in for the host of a late night talk show. With differing language, Chelsea and Jane Fonda share the same idea: “If vaginas were weapons they would be protected by the Constitution of the United States.”

Handler was also included in the list compiled by Glamor magazine, among 46 artists who have made their abortions public. between them Umma ThurmanJoe said she got pregnant at the age of 15 and decided with her family that she was not ready. His daughter, who is also an actress, has just defended him on television.

Selena Gomez was one of 150 signing an open letter When did the ban start? On Thursday, on the red carpet of the presentation of the new season of her series on Hulu, she assured that she was ready to fight and invited men to participate. Unions and studios in Hollywood have already offered their solidarity.

Madonna assures women that unitedly will never give up, “Ladies, are you ready to fight?” instigated in your network. Young women seem to be more willing to accept his invitation.


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