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On Netflix, Watching Granizo Is Like Watching Francesella of the Last Century

When Praisenew association of William FrancellaWith director Marcos Carnevale, a Elsa and FredDoes it start making water? why produce Netflix Brought together talented people from both sides of the camera – Pompey acts Audivert, Nicolas Giacobone one of the screenwriters who won an Oscar for libretto birdmanby Alejandro González Iárritu—and the result is what it is?

Praise It’s a comedy that almost ends up being a catastrophe—nothing the official trailer doesn’t state—but if the film doesn’t turn out to be a catastrophe, it’s because Francella has charisma.

Praise This is also the movie that fans will love, the comedian’s unconditional fans who appreciate him we meatto pass on married with Children and until exterminatorAnd that those who don’t bank it will despise.

Ta pa' rain, huh?  La Nueva de Francesella with Marcos Carnevale as director, followed by "Lion's heart",  netflix photo

Ta pa’ rain, huh? Francella’s new film with Marcos Carnevale as director after “Corazon de Leon”. netflix photo

is that the film is thought out, detailed and presented with the scaffolding of costumbrismo, which won so much on television and caused so much damage to Argentine cinema, until the end of the 90s and everything in this didn’t change. In the case of Francella, when it was directed by Juan Jose Campanella—on TV and in the movies—, and the rest is more famous history.

see why Praise It’s like seeing a Francella of the last century.

Romina Fernandes is Francella's daughter Carla, from Cordoba.  Cordovans are setting fire with their fake accents.  netflix photo

Romina Fernandes is Francella’s daughter Carla, from Cordoba. Cordovans are setting fire with their fake accents. netflix photo

the perfect meteorologist

Everything is centered on his character Miguel Flores, a narcissistic meteorologist who is about to make his prime time debut with his show (show timeHe hasn’t predicted anything in 20 years, people greet him on the street, cheer him up, ask him if a dog can sleep outside at night or it’s okay to hang 20kg of clothes on the roof to dry.

No more, the man branded as the infallible, in his triumphant debut, says in the air that the night is about to clear, and at 3 a.m. what the title indicates falls.

"Time Show".  Miguel Flores, an autistic and self-centered meteorologist who has his own TV show.  netflix photo

“Time Show”. Miguel Flores, a narcissistic and self-centered meteorologist with his own TV show. netflix photo

When the sky fell, Flores’ career infallible, as well. The people who idolized him insult him, they give him a CBU to pay for car repairs, they remove him from the show’s host and he is replaced by “Secretary”, Laurita Fernandez. The character is somewhat copied from Reese Witherspoon. legally Blonde (Puppy in hand).

Thus, Flores, a cocky man who focused on his career and who has Osvaldito, a small fish whom he speaks of as his only friend, seeks refuge in Córdoba (!), where he lived and his The daughter continues to do this with Carla. Romina Fernandes), with whom he did not have a good relationship. If he didn’t even reply to messages on his cell phone.

Apocalypse now, or a devastated Buenos Aires.  netflix photo

Apocalypse now, or a devastated Buenos Aires. netflix photo

Praise It is riddled with stereotypes and stereotypes, the crazy blonde, the heroic television producer, the holy assistant, and so on. There is a subplot, of the taxi driver who is a fan of Miguel Flores, of Peto Menheim, which can be cut and nothing happens here. Aside from the fact that Norman Briskey’s grandfather looks like an appendix waiting for the car of or then oneAnd all the circumstances in that family are extremely dramatic.

Excess is what prevails, but be careful, not in Francella. So what Praise is structured around it.

Miguel Flores hopes a prediction will come true.  You must also be thinking "when will this end?".  netflix photo

Miguel Flores hopes a prediction will come true. You must also be thinking “when will this end?”. netflix photo

The film also talks about individualism. But Miguel, who pointed and articulated in front of the mirror in the beginning, is no different from the one at the end, when he points and articulates again in front of the same mirror. Miguel was up, he fell down, he had his own way of redemption and a possibility, a personal opportunity to return to success, and as much as he did, spoiler ALERT To warn that the apocalypse is coming with hailstones the size of a soccer ball, Miguel profits from the impending devastation.

Another issue is the accent of Miguel’s daughter, Carla. I’m not from Cordoba, but at the equidistant distance between Buenos Aires and the Cordoba capital, it’s worth noting that Romina Fernandes was not born in Alta Gracia or Vila Carlos Paz, and the (false) pronunciation is disturbing and distracting.

Side issue: The trailer is a true synopsis of the film. Caveat, because more than a preview, this is a step-by-step synthesis of the film’s plot.



Comedy. Argentina, 2022. 118′, Sam 16. From: Mark Carnevale. with: Guillermo Francella, Peto Menheim, Laurita Fernandez, Romina Fernandes, Martin Seifeld, Nicolas Scarpino. available in: Netflix.

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