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On Netflix, tick, tick … BOOM! it’s the best movie you can find

 On Netflix, tick, tick ... BOOM!  it's the best movie you can find

Do youLin-Manuel Miranda did the best musical of the year? Lin-Manuel Miranda did the best musical of the year. And also, in his debut as a film director, he did it with Andrew Garfield (The amazing Spiderman), who in his life had participated in something that resembled a musical.

If you already had to rub your hands together before sitting on the couch to enjoy Netflix the conjunction of two monsters from the musical, such as Miranda and Jonathan Larson, watching tick, tick … BOOM! The only thing left is to get excited, clap and feel that if our skin cracks up, it is because we are seeing something different. Unique.

And the best part is that Miranda’s imagination and creative power are added to the original songs of Jonathan Larson, which are exceptional and maintain their power. It is a production in which the essential words for enjoyment are at the top of the list.

Andrew Garfiled, From Spider-Man To Embody A Unique Character.  Netflix Photo

Andrew Garfiled, from Spider-Man to embody a unique character. Netflix photo

Passion. Talent. Love.

Pulitzer winner Miranda and several Tony’s for HamiltonHe wondered how he would approach Larson’s work, but not in a conventional way. tick, tick … BOOM! It is not the mere translation of the play, which was a monologue and after Larson’s death the playwright David Auburn (The proof) turned it into another. Here it premiered at the Maipo Kabaret in 2012 and jumped to the Konex Cultural City, already with the three interpreters of that renewed version, two of them playing various characters.

Jonathan Larson Worked In A &Quot;Diner&Quot; While Writing The Play That He Believed Was Going To Change The World.  Netflix Photo

Jonathan Larson worked in a “diner” while writing the play that he believed was going to change the world. Netflix photo

The film is not filmed theater -as happened with Hamilton– and it is infinitely different – fortunately – from In the neighborhood, the bland adaptation of the musical In the Heights by Miranda directed by Jon M. Chu.


Because Miranda choreographed each scene achieving an unusual crescendo in the translation of musicals to film. He kept the story, with the fears and anxieties and insecurities of Jon, but also of his girlfriend Susan and his friend Michael, and achieved something truly luminous.

Andrew Garfield Had Never Sung In A Musical.  Miranda Blindly Trusted Him.  Netflix Photo

Andrew Garfield had never sung in a musical. Miranda blindly trusted him. Netflix photo

Follow dreams

Jon wonders what many will have done at some point, faced with the dilemma of what to do with his life. Quit a diner job as a waiter and go after your passion? Or do like Michael, your childhood friend, who abandoned the art path for financial security by working on Wall Street?

Follow a dream or get off the train?

Vanessa Hudgens (&Quot;High School Musical&Quot;), Another Who Stands Out In Musical Drama.  Netflix Photo

Vanessa Hudgens (“High School Musical”), another who stands out in musical drama. Netflix photo

It’s 1990, Jon is 29 years old and he has been chewing for eight years, kneading the musical that, he is sure, will change the world. In weeks he turns 30 and feels that his time is running out, his youth is running out and he has achieved nothing more than to write and rewrite a work that he never assembled. When you are finally going to do a workshop on Superbia, the musical itself, inviting producers and friends, to see if it can get someone interested and jump to a stage in New York, his girlfriend Susan asks him to move and change his life.

Desperate in his creative quest – he knows he must write a song for the second act, a suggestion from none other than Stephen Sondheim (an almost unrecognizable Bradley Whitford) – he feels blocked. He does not get a letter, an eighth note. Any.

Lin-Manuel Miranda'S Adaptation Is Ingenious.  Netflix Photo

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s adaptation is ingenious. Netflix photo

And time passes, debts accumulate, at any moment the electricity is cut off, anxiety increases … tick, tick … BOOM! is a semi-autobiographical musical, and Miranda counts more than the creative process that Jonathan Larson went through, who five years later would not see the debut of his work Rent because he died of an aneurysm the night before the premiere. Miranda goes from the diner to Jon’s apartment, shows Jon’s inventiveness of writing a song about sugar to parties at his house. It’s the ’90s, yes, and AIDS not only ravages, but stalks and takes friends.

Was tick, tick … BOOM! a germ of Rent? Can be. Larson’s talent as a songwriter is so overwhelming in tick … like in Rent.

Jon (Garfield) With Susan (Alexandra Shipp), The Woman He Loves, And ... Photo Netflix

Jon (Garfield) with Susan (Alexandra Shipp), the woman he loves, and … Photo Netflix

And there is Andrew Garfield, whom Miranda saw in a new sunset. Angels in America and he did not hesitate, although he did not know if he could sing. His delivery is total, and no wonder if he is nominated again in the awards season that is coming. Vanessa Hudgens -who was Mimi and Maureen in different sets of Rent– not Susan, but Karessa, a member of the cast of Superbia.

Susan is played by Alexandra Shipp (Storm in the last of X Men), Robin de Jesús (some chapters of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit; Emory in -come one by one- that mess that was the movie The boys in the band) is Michael, and MJ Rodriguez, the first trans actress to be nominated for an Emmy, for Pose, plays a fellow diner, whose cook is Lin-Manuel Miranda himself, in a cameo.

In The Awards Season To Come, Andrew Garfield Should Have A Guaranteed Spot.  Netflix Photo

In the awards season to come, Andrew Garfield should have a guaranteed spot. Netflix photo

And yes, at the end of the film there are original footage of Jonathan Larson, in the diner, in the play and in different situations.

Needless to say, we highly recommend tick… tick Boom!?

“tick, tick … BOOM”


Musical drama. USA, 2021. 115 ‘, SAM 13. From: Lin-Manuel Miranda. With: Andrew Garfield, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexandra Shipp, Robin de Jesús., MJ Rodriguez. Available in: Netflix.

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