On Netflix, Penguin Bloom, with Naomi Watts: A Story of Overcoming

The story of Sam, Cameron, his family and the penguins is real. This was reflected in a book written by Cameron, which became a best seller, and now premiered. Netflix, With Naomi Watts and Andrew Lincoln (the walking dead)

Blooms had it all. Australian, they live in a wonderful house, with an ocean view, incredible sunsets, a huge trampoline in the park. Samantha and Cameron reunite with Ten. They met on the beach as teenagers, and have been together ever since.

“Everything was practically perfect, but it came last year,” says Noah, the eldest of his three children, who should not be over 12 years old.

Sam (Naomi Watts) And Penguin, The Magician Of Miracles In The Title In Some Hispanic Countries.  Netflix Photo

Sam (Naomi Watts) and Penguin, the magician of miracles in the title in some Hispanic countries. netflix photo

And if you, when it comes time to decide where to go on family vacation, are among the Mar del Plata or Cordoba mountains, Blooms considers going to Disneyland (Three Boys Will) or Thailand, that destination. father who wanted children

There was no majority winner, and they went to Thailand.

Family, &Quot;Unity&Quot;.  The New Member Is Missing In The Photo.  Netflix Photo

Family, “Unity”. The new member is missing in the photo. netflix photo

And suddenly Sam falls from a high ceiling. It remains to be seen how, but this is an accident in which he is paralyzed from the waist down, because the sixth thoracic vertebra was broken (T6).

Since returning to Australia, Sam is annoyed with life, along with the wheelchair he must use to get around. He loves the sea, but does not dare to go out from under his roof, not even to the park.

The Englishman Naomi Watts, Who Has Already Suffered Greatly In &Quot;The Impossible&Quot;, Is Also The Producer Of The Film.  Netflix Photo

The Englishman Naomi Watts, who has already suffered greatly in “The Impossible”, is also the producer of the film. netflix photo

Close, and not just at home, Sam feels isolated. Not the one who smiles while waving at the waves in photos hanging on the wall by Cameron.

until the penguin appears

as we said, penguin blossom It is based on real events, and that’s how the boys go to the beach, and find an injured magpie chick. He is black and white, and that’s why they call him Pingui.

Ten Magpies Were Trained And Used To &Quot;Play&Quot; The Penguins.  Netflix Photo

Ten magpies were trained and used to “play” the penguins. netflix photo

is she penguin blossom The title plays with Noah’s little teddy Mr. Morphy, the son who feels responsible because he was the one who took his mother to that terrace in Thailand.

And as Sam can no longer walk, the penguin is encouraged to jump, but does not fly. “He couldn’t fly, probably because we couldn’t,” argues Noah, who understands that a family is the breadwinner of everything. Of a bird, of a son, of a decorated mother.

Cameron, Husband And Father Of The Family, Is Andrew Lincoln From &Quot;The Walking Dead&Quot;.  Netflix Photo

Cameron, husband and father of the family, is Andrew Lincoln from “The Walking Dead”. netflix photo

penguin blossom This is a story of overcoming. What is a manipulative movie?


But at the same time, an emotional film, starring Naomi Watts and Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes’ gesture on his face, how hard it is to see his character the walking dead– They put so much paw on him that in real life they really look like a couple.

The Movie Also Has Dreams And Nightmares.  Netflix Photo

The movie also has dreams and nightmares. netflix photo

There’s Jackie Weaver in an unbearable plane, who’s life, mom, as she’s been doing almost ever since bright side of life. But the important thing here is how the family lives under one roof, which includes the magpie, and how the bird’s arrival begins to influence Sam’s behavior.

In his professional debut, Griffin Murray-Johnston (Noah) is quite the revelation. There is a care in the framing, in the lighting—the landscape is beautiful—and director Glendin Ivin, in his second feature film, although he is the director of TV series and miniseries, does not compromise with clichés and penguin blossom This is a play, not a play.

Don'T Miss Out On The Photos That Appear Between The End Credits.  Netflix Photo

Don’t miss out on the photos that appear between the end credits. netflix photo

Round of applause for the trainers of the ten trained magpies (yes, even the penguin, Magpie, has its own Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/penguinthemagpie/ with nearly 200,000 followers).

And check out the end credits for photos taken by Cameron Bloom, Samantha’s husband, in real life. If they weren’t excited before, and they don’t with these photos…

“Penguin Bloom”


drama. Australia, 2020. 95′, Sam 13. From: Glendin Ivin. Together: Naomi Watts, Andrew Lincoln, Griffin Murray-Johnston, Jackie Weaver. available in: Netflix