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On Netflix, not everything is action or horror

On Netflix, not everything is action or horror

With two big stars like Helen mirren Y Donald sutherland, who spent a long time 70 years ago (76 the English; 86 the Canadian) in charge of a cast, and if they are a couple, one can presume that if the genre is that of dramatic comedy there will be laughter at the beginning and in the development, Until in the end, well, something or everything ends badly.

In the papers -which is what one can appeal to before going to see a movie of Netflix, especially if it is one that is a couple of years old like this one – nothing could go wrong.

In the cast, then, Helen Mirren (Oscar for The Queen, three other nominations and countless awards) and Donald Sutherland (not as awarded, but with a career that includes since MASH until The Hunger Games).

Sutherland And Mirren Escape To The Road, Heading To Ernest Hemingway'S House.  They Will Arrive?  Netflix Photo

Sutherland and Mirren escape to the road, heading to Ernest Hemingway’s house. They will arrive? Netflix photo

Let’s add that the director is the Tuscan Paolo Virzi, from Human capital, that the film competed for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, and that it has Francesca Archibugi among its co-writers.

And that the final destination that Ella, that some disease has, and John Spencer, with more than galloping Alzheimer’s, is Ernest Hemingway’s house, in Key West, Florida.

What can go wrong?

Not everything, but some things, as the famous Argentine mentalist, hypnotist and illusionist Juan José del Pozo, better known as Tu Sam, said, can fail.

He Has Alzheimer'S, And At The Beginning We Saw That Her Bed Was Adapted ... Photo Netflix

He has Alzheimer’s, and at the beginning we saw that her bed was adapted … Photo Netflix

Our last adventure It is clearly a road movie, but unlike most of the genre, in which the characters undergo a change, Ella and John end as they begin. Or almost.

The film opens with Will (Christian McKay, who once played Orson Welles in the great Me and Orson Welles, by Richard Linklater, never released in Argentina), son of Ella and John, who enters his parents’ house and discovers that they are not there. For more surprises, the one that is not there is an old motor home.

The Movie May Have Its Ups And Downs, But Sutherland And Mirren Save Their Roles.  Netflix Photo

The movie may have its ups and downs, but Sutherland and Mirren save their roles. Netflix photo

Will alerts his sister Jane (Janel Moloney, from The West Wing) and they are not even reassured when She calls them from a public phone on the road.

OK, it’s 2016, Donald Trump is campaigning to make “America bigger” when he’s president, but that She gets so many pay phones… It’s weird.

The Londoner, Who Alternates Drama With Hollywood Films, Such As The &Quot;Fast And Furious&Quot; Saga.  Netflix Photo

The Londoner, who alternates drama with Hollywood films, such as the “Fast and Furious” saga. Netflix photo

Not so much as that in some moments of the journey the couple meets characters who are not going to modify the characteristics of the protagonists – difficult for them to do so in their seventies – but who do not contribute much to the whole. More if the production lasts almost two hours, and an assault ends more ridiculous than laughing.

They are those moments in which from the armchair, if one is sharing the vision of the screen with someone, inevitably they cross their gaze, as if wondering, are we going on, or …?

The Canadian, At 86 Years Old, Does Not Stop Working.  Netflix Photo

The Canadian, at 86 years old, does not stop working. Netflix photo

But there’s Mirren, Sutherland, and everything we said at the beginning. Not everything is action and violence on Netflix. There is also Our Last Adventure.

“Our last adventure”


Dramatic comedy. USA, 2017. Original title: “The Leisure Seeker”. 112 ‘, SAM 13. From: Paolo Virzi. With: Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland, Christian McKay. Available in: Netflix.

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