Home Entertainment On Netflix, Don’t Look Up, with Leonardo DiCaprio: funny and scathing satire

On Netflix, Don’t Look Up, with Leonardo DiCaprio: funny and scathing satire

Don't look up, with Leonardo DiCaprio: funny and scathing satire

Fun from start to finish Don’t look up, with Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence Y Meryl streep, arrived on Netflix this Christmas Eve after premiering on Thursday, December 9, in few theaters -as Netflix did with the Irish a couple of years ago – and it’s already the most watched movie on the streaming platform.

What this delusional, absurd but always effective comedy raises is that the destiny of humanity is hopeless if those who can do something to save it do not work for the common good.

Because how to understand that two serious astronomers, played by DiCaprio and Lawrence, are not heard as they should be by the president of the United States (Streep), nor by the hosts of a successful TV show (Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry) When they tell you that a comet is going to crash into the Earth in six months, and it will cause the end of the planet?

Taken Out.  Dr. Randall Mindy, A Leo Dicaprio Who Does Not Understand How No One Listens To Him.  Netflix Photo

Taken out. Dr. Randall Mindy, a Leo DiCaprio who does not understand how no one listens to him. Netflix photo

The former, who has a Trump look, and smiles in self-portraits with Steven Seagal or Bill Clinton, is more concerned about what may happen in the impending legislative elections – it seems that she was the lover of someone caught in a sex scandal. So the scientists decide to filter the news – the celestial body will arrive in six months, and the countdown continues. TV journalists only want ratings and light messages.

Sharp capitalist and political satire of Adam McKay, director of the Oscar nominees The big bet Y the vice president, the filmmaker has one eye on today since abandoning his comedies with Will Ferrell. Global warming is what motivated him to write this film, which he transformed into a catastrophic comedy, in which while the clock and the days tick by, the characters of Leo and Jennifer keep changing and facing ridiculous situations.

That Which You Are Seeing.  The Astronomer Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) Before Her Discovery.  The Comedy Hit Streaming On Christmas Eve.  Netflix Photo

That which you are seeing. The astronomer Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) before her discovery. The comedy hit streaming on Christmas Eve. Netflix photo

President Orlean’s final answer – too much of a coincidence that Streep has the same last name as her character in The Orchid Thief– will be command, yes, as in Armageddon, someone to tear the threat to pieces. Rather than Bruce Willis and others, Ron Perlman, playing a guy “from another era” who is politically anti-correct enough – he speaks of Indians, gays and children in a disparaging way – so as not to throw the comedy off balance.

Two For The Oscar?  Dicaprio And Lawrence Have Already Won Them ... Photo Netflix

Two for the Oscar? DiCaprio and Lawrence have already won them … Photo Netflix


The capitalist satire goes hand in hand with Peter Isherwell, the character of Mark Rylance (Bridge of spies), a mix between Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, a billionaire who, most importantly, was the biggest donor in the President’s campaign.

The Astronomer And The President.  Dicaprio Opposite Meryl Streep, Who Plays A Donald Trump-Like Head Of State.  Netflix Photo

The astronomer and the President. DiCaprio opposite Meryl Streep, who plays a Donald Trump-like Head of State. Netflix photo

Between the absurd and the real, the film retraces its almost two and a half hours with a rhythm that never slows down. And you have to ask McKay if DiCaprio’s monologue was not done as a tribute to Peter Finch in Power that kills.

The song Just look up, sung by Ariana Grande, who composed the song and has a starring role in the film, may be another surprise the film has in the coming awards season. DiCaprio and Streep are spectacular, each on his own path, he playing with the ambiguity that gives him fame, she building a powerful being full of folds.

Hilarious Is The Character That Makes Up Ariana Grande, Also A Performer Of The Film'S Main Song.  Netflix Photo

Hilarious is the character that makes up Ariana Grande, also a performer of the film’s main song. Netflix photo

And Lawrence knows how to squeeze the astronomer who gave the comet his last name and it will explode, if necessary, to make us laugh when, if we thought twice, we should worry.

That is one of McKay’s merits from the director’s chair: balancing comedy, with its most hectic moments, with media criticism and even self-medication.

Don’t look up It is one of those films in which, when you sit down to watch it, you feel that you are going to have a good time. It happens. Even if the world ends -or not.

“Don’t look up”

Very good

Dramatic comedy. USA, 2021. Original title: “Don’t Look Up”. 138 ‘, SAM 13. From: Adam McKay. With: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett. Available in: Netflix.

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