On foot, Guns N' Roses Concert

Sources close to it said, “Organizing the Guns N’ Roses concert in Merida continues within the conditions introduced by the atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic, the nature of the authorities and the businessmen who brought the event.” The date is yet to come.

According to the information the newspaper was used for, businessmen who bring to the event are obliged to comply with the requirements requested by the state authorities to organize a concert on the grounds of the Xmutquiil fair on 9 October. and clarified that the company that organizes concerts in Mérida is independent of concerts in Guadalajara and Monterey.

This source recalled that this is a project whose organization took a long time and was due to crystallize in 2020, until the pandemic forced the postponement of the presentation.

good for the economy

“A concert of this magnitude requires a very careful organization to achieve a good result. The idea is to show that it is possible to organize events of this scale in the Yucatán and favor different economic sectors. Will be taken”, explained the source.

“Today, many things have changed, the behavior of the pandemic situation is many things, the state authorities are trying to guarantee the greatest safety for the population and take care of all the details that will make this concert the best possible safety.” situations”, added.

“After all, the performance of the concert is subject to epidemic conditions, thanks to the fact that we have a favorable epidemiological traffic light, and it is no longer dependent on merchants. We have to work on logistics, sanitary filters, gauges, which That we need in the current unusual situation.

He recalled that such a concert requires months of organization, they are working with the Yucatan authorities in the best way they can and they are very aware of the behavior of the pandemic, in the sense that the concert continues .

Ticket sales are halted until negotiations with the authorities allow it to be opened.- Emanuele Rincón Becerra