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Omar Chaparro became Diego Verdaguer to bring the singer to life in hologram

The Argentine Diego Verdaguer died unexpectedly in January of this year as a result of covid-19. Shortly after his departure, Amanda Miguel and Ana Victoria, wife and daughter of the singer, respectively, began a tour of the United States to honor him and in the show a hologram is present and to do it they asked Omar Chaparro for help.

According to the program the sun risesOmar Chaparro characterized himself as Diego Verdaguer in order to record some shots that were going to be used to make the hologram and thus incorporate it into some songs that Ana Victoria and Amanda Miguel perform in their concerts.

Alex Kaffie, who spoke with Omar Chaparro to tell him about his experience with the hologram, said the actor underwent makeup and other techniques for five hours in order to look like Diego Verdaguer.

Through audio, Omar Chaparro told Alex Kaffie that it was Amanda Miguel who sought him out to get involved with the hologram.

“Amanda says that I have the same complexion as Diego, that I knew him and we were such friends. Amanda thought of me to help her make the hologram.”

Omar Chaparro explained that a characterist traveled to Los Angeles to be able to carry out the process, which not only consisted of putting on makeup, but the driver also had to lip-sync of the songs and record some shots that were incorporated into the hologram.

“They flew to Los Angeles the best characterizer in Mexico, called Cuqui, she is a star and she characterized me there and all this was recorded there.”

Finally, he explained that he attended one of the concerts of Amanda Miguel and Ana Victoria to support them and see the final result of the hologram.

“I went to the concert to see how it turned out and everything was very emotional. We cried and I am happy for them, for this new tour”.


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